“My Most Testing Period In Life” By Society Lady, Olapeju Agunbiade


Olapeju 1Chat-show hostess and infertility genius Olapeju Agunbiade is a familiar face to many Nigerians and Africans across the globe.

 Best known for her usual candor  on relationship issues and social empowerment, she has impacted on many family members who solicited for her professional advice on infertility, bringing them succor and hope in their crave for a productive living. 

Her duty calls  cut across all areas of  the medical profession and her limitless  knowledge has been of immense gains to  hundreds  of homes which benefit from her free advice and counseling engagements on human fertilization, midwifery and child nurturing.

For several years, she has taken counseling to private homes, meeting  depressed and deprived family on one-to-one  advisory  basis  and counseling them on many  ways to tackle infertility.

For years, Peju has been  a familiar face in many London community Churches, Mosques and  Conference centers,  advising mothers on the importance of sex  education for  young girls and boys and also on associating  dangers of early sex and human body abuse.

“I am a very busy person,  so I try  to utilize my day and make it fulfilling because to me,  24-hours are  too short to make my day”, Olapeju once told me during  an online television interview.

Apart from hosting a Radio program where she empowers many people in relationship and sex matters, Peju’s  duty call  at her working place each day reminds of  another nightmare she claims to enjoy as a workaholic. Hardly does any day pass without her being contacted by her employers who place her always on high alert.

“I am  always under pressure being put on the alert to handle complicated cases”, she said claiming to live a life faster than normal  because of her chosen career which she enjoys as a top  consultant.

 Her many colleagues in most Hospitals where she had been called for expertise consultations spoke extensively on her indispensability and her experience  has exposed her to a level that nothing new under the sun would ever  shake her confidence and courage in life- not even when confronted with complicated cases.

“ I never  felt heart-broken or depressed. I am not a perfect person but I can say categorically that I am never under pressure having seen a lot in life as a health matter expert”  

Peju's dad Speaking in an interview,Olapeju said, “I work full-time as a midwife at Queens Hospital, Essex, United Kingdom, I am also into infertility consultancy and I also engaging  in one-on-one infertility consultation with couples, delivering notes at  conferences and offering sermons on relationships in churches and in mosques.” All this has built for her a life so fulfilled and so impacting on so many people. To her, serving humanity has been her ultimate goal and her chosen career  has allowed  her  to  achieve such goal through hard work, passion and dedication.

Recently, Peju came face to face with a hard reality about life; losing her dad who had been an important part of her entire life. She was shaken, rattled and had to meditate every second to enable her overcome the pressure of parting with a loving dad.

She was mesmerized by nature and had to seek counseling herself on how to handle her devastated state of mind.

 For several days, she remained stiff, speechless and very broken because her father has been her confidant, partner and a real icon. He was a very important part of her entire  life.

pj“In fact, I remain inseparable with my dad. He was everything to me and I have never  really had  any thought that he would ever  die”, said Peju who still don’t believe that her daddy had passed away

“Since I lost my dad, I have been sad, traumatized, shattered and most of the time my heart has been heavy. I do not seem to have the zeal  to do anything, not that I am depressed, but that I am just very deeply sad.

“I was so very very close to my daddy and immediately he departed , it was like a very big part of me has been cut off.

Then, I started to blame my closeness which has now turned a nightmare.

I once woke up in the middle of the night and spoke to myself:  “Why bringing this pain to yourself Peju”? Why are you so close to this level with daddy”. I immediately corrected myself and consoled my heart that after all it  is not a sin to love ones own daddy so much.”

According to the popular chat show, Lets-talk-about-it showhost,  God has been so merciful  making her very strong enough to stand the test of this moment. As she put it:” I have always  considered myself to be unshakable by any circumstances until now. I have since prayed that God should allow me to recapture my ever happy mood. I keep praying in my heart: ”Please God let me be happy once again”

Her last words: “I want to thank God for giving me the opportunity to spend the last 10 days of this life deside my departing father.  He died right  in my arms and for this I thank God for HIS mercies. I thank God that I was able to talk to him and share so many things before his final breath. He prayed for me,he blessed me and caught his last smile which I still remember till this day.