“My Name Is Being Traded For Someone Else”, Cries Out US Based Aisha Buhari


“My Name Is Being Traded For Someone Else”, Cries Out US Based Aisha Buhari”-United States of America based  Aisha Buhari, whose name is being traded as the woman in the Halliburton scandal has lamented that authorities within the Nigeria government circle wanted to implicate her because they are in power. She questioned if it was a sin to have the same name with another person adding that the situation of trading her mane with someone else is criminal.

Ms Aisha Buhari described herself as an innocent happy go lucky-woman who has been living a normal life in and outside Nigeria and traveling every time to and from Nigeria.

According to her, if she was the criminal the security are seeking she would have been arrested long ago.either in America or in Nigeria.

She claimed that even though she shares the same name with the wife of Nigeria’s president, Mrs. Aisha Buhari, she’s not the person mentioned in the bribery scandal describing the circulation of her name and image in the scandal as scandalous, malicious and deliberately paraded in the social Media in wicked blackmail to safe the image of the real culprit in the scandal.

Her name had severally been circulated in the social Media by APC online defenders and agents  parading her as the real woman involved in the William Jefferson bribery scandal. She denied vehemently she had got anything to do with the  scandal and has never beeb involvement in the case.

According to her, her passport had disappeared miraculously in 2015. She told The Street Journal that her passport was stolen in 2015 and that Nigerian politicians were dragging her name into this scandal to cover up their corruption by a famopus Aisha Buhari  Online media forum, The Cable, had reported the story exclusively showcasing Ms. Buhari’s passport and showing her picture.

Among those who had been called in to claim an America based Aisha Buhari was the one involved in Halliburton was Mallam Nuhu Ribadu who said he was aware of the American based Aisha’s involvement in Halliburton.

“The Aisha Buhari mentioned in the bribery scandal of a former United States congressman, William Jefferson, was an impostor who was peddling influence with the name of President Muhammadu Buhari”, Ribadu had claimed.

Another former Chairman of EFCC, Ibrahim Lamorde also came in defense of the nation’s First lady claiming: “The Aisha Buhari named in the bribery scandal involving a U.S. Congressman, Williams Jefferson, is not the Aisha that is President Muhammadu Buhari’s wife.

“I can tell you authoritatively that the Aisha Buhari named in that case is not President Buhari’s wife,” Mr. Lamorde said when contacted last Tuesday morning by Premium Times: “It is another Aisha Buhari entirely.

“I was the director of operations at the EFCC at the time so I know about the case very well. I can tell you that it is not her (President Buhari’s wife). That much we established.”

Mr. Lamorde, who was EFCC chairman until he was removed in December 2015 by President Buhari, is currently on course at the National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies (NIPSS).

The American based woman claimed she is real but never paraded herself on such high level pedestal of social mix, claiming she was an ordinary Nigerian coming in and out of both countries and never involved in any public affairs.

Observers claimed that Ms Aisha Buhari’s identity may have been hijacked by some agents of NSS in anticipation that the news of the real Aisha Buhari involvement inevitably would surface one day and trying to create a preemptive  scenario to safe the First culprit of Halliburton.

Also, her picture had been posted by an All Progressives Congress supporter who  shared the full image of the US based Ms. Buhari’s travel passport to one of online media ‘The Trent’s editors on Tuesday, June 21, 2016.

According to the poster of the passport,  the woman in the photo was the Aisha Buhari mentioned in the William Jefferson bribery scandal.

According to Ms. Buhari,though she shares the same name with the wife of Nigeria’s president, Mrs. Aisha Buhari, she’s not the person mentioned in the bribery scandal. She described the circulation of her name as image soiling and deliberate impersonation to safe another person due to her influence saying the action was malicious and wicked.

Aisha Buhri: Nigeria's First Lady in the middle of Halliburton Scandal as Nigerians Asks for Justice
Aisha Buhari: Nigeria’s First Lady in the middle of Halliburton Scandal as Nigerians Asks for Justice

She said that her personal date provided in the news reports were taken from her stolen passport. She also maintained that she lives in the United States of America and travels “in and out” of the country without any problems, maintaining that one involved in such a scandal would have been apprehended by the US law enforcement agencies.

She said that dragging her name into the scandal “is like pouring water on a sleeping person. I have never done anything with Halliburton, I don’t know the colour of the company. I am not in the line of business with Halliburton, so linking me with the bribery is wicked”.

“They are desperate to cover their dirty track and link my name with the scandal that they have to first of all steal my passport. My passport was stolen early this year. And to give credibility to their story, details from the passport were used. They should come to the US, to find out If they are curious about the case”, she said angrily.

“If somebody commits crime in the US, he or she must face trial. Have you heard I am being tried in the US?

”Let them stop this malicious allegation against me that they do not have proof of, I hate people who do not cross check facts before talking, they should find out in the US the kind of person I am because I belong to organisations there.

“If they think they are politician and can break the law and go free, they should realise that nobody is above the laws of a country including me.

When asked if Ms. Aisha Buhari would take legal action against the people circulating her image and passport and linking her to the Halliburton scandal, ”I am talking with my lawyers, they will determine that”, she said.