N2.2b backdrop bribery in oil ministry; Jonathan says not in my name


LONDON: 12/04/2011

Goodluck Jonathan: 'Bribery not in my name'

The office of the Presidency reacted has reacted to a recent report about a massive fraud involving the office of Nigeria’s Petroleum Minister, Dame Dizani Allison- Madueke, in which a huge sum of money is being  pilfered as a back hand drop for illegal enrichment.

The action has been viewed as a mass economic sabotage which has run foul of the nation’s struggle for economic recovery and life enhancement for the nation’s deprived masses.

Reacting angrily in a response, the presidency holds the view along the Nigerian Embassy in London that President Jonathan, having run a transparent presidency isince assuming office would never be a party for such deal and that he has concentrated on the much needed unity building and restoration of sanity to the polity.

A reaction from London yesterday had said that there had never been any report of such from any international quarters.

According to a report which appeared in NEXT newspapers on Sunday: “In exchange for obtaining the authorisation to import gasoline, oil marketers are being instructed by an agency in the petroleum industry to call a mobile telephone number and pay a bribe of $8 per metric tonne of petroleum allocated to them”.

The report in NEXT added in part; “This single scam, which was imposed just last week on oil marketers such as Conoil, Total, Sahara, Oando, African Petroleum, Mobil and the rest of the 36-member field, involves the 1.8 million tonnes of refined petroleum approved for importation for the April to June quarter by Diezani Allison-Madueke, the petroleum minister”

During the original investigation of the story a source had quoted Allison Madueke  as saying that the ‘kickbacks’ were being used to fund President Jonathan’s campaign.

However, in the report, NEXT had maintained that it could not establish any evidence linking Mr Jonathan to the scandal, apparently implying that the president’s name was being used at this election time to justify the fraud and retain the status quo, especially as political campaign   for the election is no longer holding.

In a statement signed by his spokesperson, the president stated that there were more than enough Nigerians who believe in the presidents cause and are  willing to donate generously to his campaign fund.

Code of Conduct Bureau

“As the several public fund-raising events held by the Jonathan/Sambo Campaign Organisation have shown, there are more than enough Nigerians who believe in President Jonathan’s cause and who are willing to donate generously to the President’s campaign fund.

“President Jonathan has absolutely no need therefore to resort to any underhand tactics to raise funds for his campaign”, an opinion that tallied with the reactions from London on Monday.

“Public office to me is not a means to adding value to the holder of the office. Public office is the vehicle through which social harmony, happiness and inspirational communal existence is promoted and enhanced. I personally do not believe that you become a ‘big man’ by simply holding a public office” Goodluck Jonathan said in one of his mesages to Nigerians On his facebook page.

“My commitment to Nigeria is not partial, neither is it substantial, but it is total. You can trust me to take good decisions on behalf of Nigeria because I am a stakeholder whose progress is tied to the progress of Nigeria” he said in another message..