N200 notes offered bribe to Police gave lead to headless body in a van in Lagos!

Lagos Police Boss Akpoyibo

Fresh blood stains on  the wads of the  N200 notes  offered as bribes to a Police patrol team in Lagos have exposed a most gory noon murder as the headless body of  a young boy was discovered inside a Kombi bus.

The bus was occupied by three men who had just committed a murder in Lagos.  The private part of the boy was also  missing from the body.

The  men occupying the  Kombi  bus had been flagged down by  Police  as they conducted a routine patrol of an area outside of inner Lagos  area.

They were ordered to come  out of the bus for questioning, just as a prelude to taking some gratification from the bus occupants  during the  routine check close to  Boundary, Sango Otta,  a popular border area between  Ogun and Lagos States.

After a tête-à-tête short discussion, the three men were released after offering the bribe in N200 notes.

The men went back to the bus  to continue their journey.

After leaving  the check point  spot,  the police noticed that a N200 note offered   them had been soaked in fresh blood as they attempted to store the money in their kitty.

It was at this point the Police  realised the blood may have gotten to do with a committed crime.

The murderers stripped naked by police.

According to our eye witness, as the four policemen got back to their vehicle to give a chase, they observed that thick red blood had gathered where the men had parked the Kombi bus during the stop and check flag down. They decide to give a chase.

As they advanced in the journey, traces of thick fresh  blood were said to have continued dotting the road.

The police after some time caught the men  up and  apprehended them in a village called Boundary, few kilometres from where the men were first checked

Villagers watched with consternation as Police took control of them ordering the men to face down to get them disarmed them in case they were in pocession of any dangerous weapons.

Police discovery was shocking as they conducted  a real search this time.

According to our eye witness, Shade Talker: “A fresh headless body was discovered inside the boot of the Kombi bus as Police flung the doors open”

The floor boot of the bus was full of fresh blood, which gave police the lead that the murder was committed less than an hour before the men’s  apprehension.

According to our eyes witness, the police immediately mounted a barricade to disallow angry passers -by from attacking them. They also dissuaded anybody taking pictures of the criminals and the victim.

Police drilled the murderers as they were apprehended

But courageous Shade was brave enough to snap these pictures with her mobile phone.

The men have been taken to police custody while investigation is continuing.