Name burden: Australian village to change embarrassing name for modern tag

    Fucking Village: Resident are voting to change

    Residents of the Austrian village of Fucking are taking a hard decision to turn round its image by renaming the community.

    Members have resolved to vote on whether to rename the village in an attempt to escape the constant ridicule and attention the name has caused for the hamlet.

    Die hard locals however see nothing bad in the age long name and have vowed to contest the decision claiming they want to retain their  cultural name and  asset.

    Now, in order to avoid collision and in–village squabbles, the 104 residents of the village will cast their votes later this week on whether to alter the name.

    “People are now willing to discuss changes to the spelling of the name,” Franz Meindl, the village’s mayor, said in a television interview. “But first all Funckingers ( As the local are referred) have to agree on whether they want to change it or not.”

    For centuries the tiny village in northern Austria lived life in happy obscurity, but life changed when US troops, stationed in the area at the end of the Second World War, discovered it, and since then the village’s name has been a constant source of amusement for tourists and irritation for locals.

    At least 13 £250 road signs bearing the village’s name have been stolen, and the sight of semi-naked women posing for photographs beside signs has become a common sight. One local business woman, exasperated with people stealing her sign has taken to adding another “g” in the hope it will deter thieves, but rather, the second ‘g’ seems being mistaken for g spot apparently with grinning thieves making fun of it.

    Brisk markets in postcards and Christmas cards making liberal use of the name have also managed to spread its fame.

     In an attempt to curtail the fun had at the village’s expense some locals want to readopt its 16th-Century spelling and replace the “ck” with a single or double “g”.

    Fucking Village

    Experts say the town’s name is derived from Focko, a 6th Century Bavarian nobleman, and the modern spelling was adopted in the 18th Century.

    “It is beautiful countryside here, it’s otherwise peaceful and we have a good community. It’s only ever the name that causes us troubles,” the Mirror Online quotes Meindl as saying.

    One of the options was to replace the letters ‘c’ and ‘k’ with a double ‘g’ to produce a less offensive Fugging. But as it turned out, Austria already has a village with this name – which has already been through exactly the same process!

    “Nobody alive now remembers why it was changed from F***ing to Fugging, but it was and that is now our name,” the Mirror Online quotes Fugging mayor Andreas Dockner. “We think one Fugging in Austria is enough,” he added.

    Later next week, F***ing’s residents will vote to decide whether they should change the offending name, or just grin and bear it.