Naomi Campbell says she was a scapegoat at war crimes trial

Naomi Campbell
Dazzling Naomi Campbell says she was used to make name for the case

Naomi Campbell, the supermodel, has said she was “used as a scapegoat” at the war crimes trials of the former Liberian president Charles Taylor.

Campbell, 40, told the court in The Hague last month that she had been given a pouch of “dirty stones” by two men hours after she met Mr Taylor.

She denied knowing that they were from the former leader of Liberia.

In an interview with Sky News to mark 25 years in the fashion business she said: “What you have to understand is, I was not on trial. I was forced by subpoena to testify.

“It was nothing to do with me. This trial has been going on for how many years and no-one cared to write about it?

“You bring Naomi Campbell to the stand and the whole world knows. So as far as I was concerned, I was used as a scapegoat.”

During a questioning at the trial Miss Campbell said two persons  knocked on the door of her hotel room and woke her up late at night after the dinner with Mandela.

The men, who she had never met, told her “there is a gift for you”. They gave her a “pouch” which she opened the next morning and containing “a few small very dirty looking stones”.

In response to questioning, she said, in a husky voice, “I guess they were diamonds”. She added: “They were dirty- looking pebbles. I’m used to seeing diamonds, shiny and in a box.”

Source: Telegraph