National Confab: Politicians, Religious Leaders Take To Stage In London


BentvNational Confab: Politicians, Religious Leaders Take To StageIn LondonPolitical heavyweights and social critics will gather on Saturday to engage in the on-going political discussion on Nigeria’s future as hundreds are gather in London for the ongoing national dialogue.

 The London gathering is first of its kind as the  campaign to champion a batter future for our nation has been taken to Nigerians in the Diaspora for their major contribution.

According to Alistair Soyode, BEN Television Chief Executive who is leading he champions in the Diaspora dialogue:” The current conference is beyond the geographical spread of Nigeria asd all Diasporans have got a stake in the present national challenges”

According to him, all is now set for the conference and so far, more than 300 delegate members have registered. Nigerian National Dialogue organized by Ben Television and Nigerians Diaspora leadership Forum which is holding in North London

 Nearly all Nigerian Organisations in the United Kingdom are major contributors and are supporting the dialogue as the national debate on the country’s future goes international.

Among the Speaker on Saturday is Annkio Briggs, the Niger Delta political and Social activist, who has arrived with a large contingent of contributors.

Among them are  the Central Association of Nigerians in the United Kingdom (CANUK), Nigerian Diasporas’ Leadership Forum,(NDLF),  Afenifere Renewal Group(ARG) and Nigerians In the Diapora UK Organisation.

Politicians across the

Those that have been include tribal leaders, leaders of religious organisations, Charitable organisations representatives and many more.

The events would be relayed live and  streamed by  BenTV online and other Television online organisations and radio stations.   

Events: Diaspora International Dialogue on Nigeria

Date: 26 October 2013

Venue: Liberty Forum, Frobisher Road, Turnpike Lane, London N15

Time: 2PM