National Conference: ARG UK Wants Yoruba Unity First


Ayo AdejumoNational Conference: ARG UK Wants Yoruba Unity First-The Afenifere Renewal Group, United  Kingdom has urged  all Yoruba leaders in Nigeria to close ranks.

The leaders are urged to work for a fruitful future in the light of the recently announced National Conference by President Goodluck Jonathan.

 According to a consensus of agreement during a recently held meeting in London, leaders of the group said all efforts on the coming conference would be a wasteful investment of time, money and ideas without real one understanding and one vision of  purpose, especially vying for the Yoruba people’s interest as a nation, so spread across the world as one the most formidable of all World nations.

“The stake is very big and we cannot afford to be perceived as underdogs because of the selfish interest of some leaders”, a consensus  during the end of the meeting agreed

Deliberating over the announced National Conference and taking into consideration the current disunity permeating  within the leadership rank and file. Tracing the history of the race in political scheme of events in Nigeria, the group claimed it foresees a new tide of ‘use and drop’ brain-drain policy whereby Yoruba intellectuals are made to partake in working out solutions to the nation’s problems and after proffering such solution would be dumped and made irrelevant in the implementations and gains of such dialogue project.

“We have seen in history a situation whereby Yoruba intellectuals are made to take part in certain policy formulation, and after the worked–out of formula and proffering solutions, the core implementation is done only to be compensated with relegation in important issues, with no gains for the Yorubas”, Felix Ayo Adejumo, the Chairman of ARG UK said during a convened meeting of the organization.

According to him, Yoruba’s agitation in the current scheme of drawn-out conference must go beyond personal interests and gains.

He said that the organization had been incensed by the current make-up of the constituted members of the national Conference where a Yoruba has been made the Chairman.

“We have seen such spectacle before in a use and dump political tactics and this in most cases resulted in lack of unity of Yoruba leaders, many of whom are played on only to be made foolish at the end of it all”, Mr Adejumo expressed

 He queried: Is the Nigerian President picks the Chairman for a genuine purpose or has he been picked once again to be spoon-fed options of personal compensation to sell out others millons and leaving them in the cooler?.

 According to him, the brain drain met to Yorubas by the powers that be in Nigeria has led to the massive underdevelopment of the Yoruba region and it is in history that Yorubas led many fights for Nigeria integration and yet has been treated unfairly with the stake holders employing divide and rule tactic.

Afenifere” We are too advanced as a people to be so sidelined and relegated. If there is unity, it will be impossible to use some leaders for Yoruba disintegration. The humiliation met to Yoruba leaders by various governmental establishment in Nigeria has culminated in the current dilemma”, he added.

He claimed that  unless  Yoruba leaders close ranks and work in one unity, there is a serious danger ahead and the consequence would be serious doom and devastation for both Yoruba region and the people.

According to him:”Every house divided against itself will inevitably collapse”, calling on all Yoruba leaders to bury their hatchets and close ranks at this point of the conference to make divide and rule impossible.

Lets all work for the betterment of the race as Nigeria now enters a new phase of geographical challenges, come January 2014″, he urged. 

“ We are in real trouble as the most divided race in Nigeria. We cannot continue like this otherwise, we would be playing with doom and everlasting extermination, he concluded.