Nelson Mandela dead?…No!…. It is only a rumour as his health depreciates

Struggling with his health

Reports that Former South African leader, Nelson Mandela is dead  have been debunked by sources from South Africa, which claimed the country was yet to get such reports.

But there are indications that he is seriously ill and is  currently under medical watch in Europe.

He is reportedly receiving treatment in a French Hospital as doctors work 24-hours to keep him alive,  monitoring his state of health as he struggles on with the aid of s life machine.

However,  it has been revealed that the former  ANC leader is in an undisclosed French Hospital.

Also, it has been established that the septuagenarian ., who has been rumoured dead on several occasions as sympathizers across the world get nervous about the true state of his health may have been clinically dead as his lung was reported to have collapsed and currently breathing with the aid of the  life support machine.

However, many South Africans have expressed fear that the former leader may have given up the ghost but the fear of unexpected confusion and the consequential result of social anarchy in  breaking the news may have caused the halt in declaring to the public. But EMNnews regarded this as sheer fear expression.

“According to everyone here in SA he isn’t dead but I think since his lung collapsed he must be on a breathing machine.  So he could be brain dead already”. A reliable respondent reacted in website in an apparent reaction to World-wide anxieties and in answers to his rumoured death.

“I think they are keeping it under wraps because it may cause chaos in the country” the respondent continued in his answer