Nigeria: A move for a peaceful dissolution of the mere geographical expression


    Elder statesman and one of the greatest Nigerians that ever lived, Chief Jeremiah Obafemi Awolowo once described Nigeria as a mere geographical expression, that is an artificial arrangee  marriage of communities and their land..

    Now, a body wants the dissolution of that arrangee marriage with all parties reaching agreement  and allowing peace to reign.

    Worried by the growing insecurity in Nigeria and what it described as the incompatibility of the constituent ethnic nationalities, the Congress for Peaceful Dissolution of the Nigerian State (COPEDINS) has advocated the peaceful dissolution of the country to ease tension and save lives.

    The Organisation  noted that Nigeria as currently configured can no longer meet the aspirations of the people and guarantee the security of lives and property and should therefore be peacefully divided into four countries, namely, Arewa, Igbo, Oduduwa and Niger Delta.

    Director of Publicity of COPEDINS Chief Kayode Fajuyi told newsmen yesterday in Owerri, that the group was principally formed to pursue the peaceful dissolution of Nigeria to avoid bloodshed which many may see as indispensable judging by the history of many nations who had been so divided and the incursions of interested parties wanting to make brisk business in the ammunition trade.

    According to Fajuyi, ethnicity, insecurity, corruption and incompatibility of the nationals have made it imperative for the people to go their ways peacefully.

    He said since it has become almost impossible for the political leaders to convoke a Sovereign National Conference for Nigerians to determine ways to co-exist, it was time for the people to part peacefully.

    Chief Fajuyi noted that there was nothing sacrosanct in the unity of the country in so far as people live in fear of one another.

    “Instead of retarding the growth of the current entity called Nigeria, its peaceful dissolution would fast track development since it will eliminate corruption and engender competition”, he said.

    “There is unbridled corruption in Nigeria today because there is no focus and no vision on how to channel the resources. If we have a healthy competition among the new nations, necessity will compel then to a healthy competition, thus eliminating corruption. he said

    He also noted that since the security agencies have not been able to contain the activities of ethnic militants like Boko Haram, OPC, MASSOB, MEND and others, the people need to move on without bloodshed.

    Nigeria.. Any future?

    According to him, “some people want sharia. Some want self determination. Others are asking for their own nations. Instead of going to war, why can’t we depart in peace?”

    Chief Fajuyi announced that his group was embarking upon nationwide and international mobilization to drum up support for their campaign.

    He called on Nigerians to support the group in its quest to ensure that lives and property are no longer lost to senseless agitations.

    The call has created an anxiety with many people expressing their opinion on social media networks

    both against and in support. Watch out for an opinion poll across the world and what many Nigerians see as the best way forward for this sleeping giant.