Nigeria: A New Dawn As Muhammadu Buhari, Ex-Military Leader Is Sworn As Civilian President

Nigeria: A Case Of Fading Economic Hope? Goodluck Jonathan Handed A blooming Nation To Buhari

Buhari-ponderNigeria: A New Dawn As Muhammadu Buhari, Ex-Military Leader Is Sworn As Civilian President-Nigeria, World’s biggest black and Africa’s most populated nation will today May 29, witness a major history of political transformation as General Muhammadu Buhari, the winner of  March 28 2015 presidential election is being sworn-in as the nation’s new leader.

He would be handed over the baton of the  nation’s political power by Goodluck Jonathan, the out-going president.

The big event will hold in Abuja, Nigeria’s political sit of power.

At least, 50 heads of States and representatives from across the World will converge to witness the occasion which will hold at Eagle Square, Abuja, the nation’s capital. United States Secretary of State, John Kerry will lead an American delegation as the nation swears-in her 5th civilian Executive President.

Abuja for several days has been agog with the arrival of several dignitaries from across the World, adorned with new look in colourful decoration.

The in-comingPresident arrived Abuja from London on Thursday afternoon, as reports claimed he visited United Kingdom for a week of rest and preparation following pressures and challenges in what informed sources said resulted in pressure from the last  election and the position lobbying aftermaths. He was sighted on Thursday  on arrival in the company of 2nd republic executive president, Shehu Shagari who had joined him in his London visit. Also sighted was two of  his children.

Buhari is making history as the first opposition leader to wrestle power from an incumbent in Nigeria’s 55 years of independence.

Buhari also ranks second as a former military ruler, who is a convert to democratic system from Military dictatorial uniform, after former leader, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, who ruled the nation as a military ruler, emerged from prison in late 90s to lead the nationin a two-term democratic dispensation.    .

Outgoing president, Goodluck Jonathans urged his successor to unite the country in the face of the threat from Boko Haram militants.The Islamic sect,Boko Haramduring Jonathan’s four year incumbency leadership has been characterised by  Boko Haram incursions as the Islamis sect created major stumbling block causing mayhem and succeeding in its ploy to sabotage all government efforts at attaining  ultimate security guarantee for the nation, engaging in mass assassination of Nigerians through bombing and kidnappings .

General Buhari(rtd) has promised to make  corruption fight and terrorist groups extermination as top of his priority on assuming power. He is likely to inherit serious economic problemsas in recent years; there has been major fall in international oil prices. Nigeria’s inspector general of Police, Mr Soloman Arase has assured the nation of effective Policing both prior and in the aftermath of today’s inauguration, ordering a tight security manning of  Eagle Square, where terrorists struck in 2010  killing many as Nigeria  celebrated her 50th independence anniversary.

Key public places such as parks and hotels have also been put under surveillance.

Buhari arrives