Nigeria Arise Award: Nominate your candidate and impact on the award.

    Nigeria arise
    Nigeria arise

    The long running nomination for the real impacting Nigerian in which the nation’s citizens across the world are being asked to contribute is now drawing to a close.

    Nigerians across the world are urged to please forward their favourite Nigerian contributing immensely to the image of Nigeria and life of Nigerians across the world will wind up by the end of this month

    You are requested to forward names of persons of companies and industries you think have impacted on our dear nation.

    The Nigeria Arise Award is an initiative put together in recognising Nigerians at Home and Abroad who have excelled and are contributing to the nation’s developments as well as made an impact in the Nigeria’s spirit. Please go to to make your own contribution.
    We are not selecting. Nigeria Arise only listen and work with people like you nominating a person or persons that you know are worth your recommendation and nomination.

    Totally, your decision or someone else’s . Already long listed nominees are online at

    Others are still coming in daily and the closing date is end of July.

    Some of the confirmed recipients of this year’s award who are attending are Captains of Industries, Civil Leaders, 6 Geo-Political Recipient Governors, Pet Project Initiators, Community and Professional Leaders/experts, Nigeria High Commission, Youths etc.

    We are there-by inviting you to nominate a worthy Nigerian to us in the UK and provide a short profile by emailing  –

    This allows more and all of us to recognise and appreciates valuable contributors to our community. If you cannot attend or nominate – Do please pass on the information. God bless. Nigeria – Good people, Great nation.

    Many thanks

    NA Initiatives
    Tickets and reservation – Please phone 0208 808 8800 (Ask for -Hauwa, Ebere, Ethel, Emerson, Bidemi or Marissa)
    Tickets starts from (£1 for students to ?70) – Together we can Bridged the Gap

    In Nigeria – You can contact –  0803 700 6745 (Mr. Karounwi) or 0802 300 8895 (Mr Femi)