Nigeria at the World Travel Market: Same All Old Sounds and Furies signifying Nothing?


Nigeria celebrates her third day at the World Trade Market on Wednesday with nothing much to hold as the main target for gains except the low attended massive pavilion which parades some ill-trained customer service officers and tourism marketers.

No travel agencies in representation, no students as a major force of promotion and nothing to demonstrate for the wealth of cultures the World admire Nigeria for.

With no much activity to write home about so far at this year’s  World Travel Market Nigerian stand, Wednesday  may provide a boost with some artist and DJs providing music and entertainment.

However the nation’s horn of call to the people for invitation remain silent through in-activities and common visitors’s absenteeism  Invitation of  the World for Nigeria tourism and investors remain its usual joke Tuesday as  Nigerian stand exposed inactivity and lack of zeal in tactical Marketing of the country.

There were a handful of lay about attendants spread across the pavilion reception with attitude problems towards Nigerians who are visiting. Foreign visitors are elusive.  No much  clue on International Marketing even though a different impression of the situation is being created to show to the World by the local press.

The situation was a replay of what obtained last year with Nigeria pavilion exposed as one of the less visited by both Nigerians and foreign  tourists and investors. Nigeria commits billions of Naira yearly to the International World Tourism extravaganza which is a major international focus for tourism promotion yearly.

” It would be well appreciated if Nigerian government  would create a monitoring committee to find out what are the gains Nigeria has cupped from the yearly event”, an observer told EMNnews, claiming that compared to many other nations, there seems to be nothing to show for the spectacular display of national colors and holiday resort pictures in a massive pavilion”.

Many Nigerian resident in the United Kingdom who should be helping are shielded as many volunteers who could have marketed the country better are never invited. The situation this year has not changed and nothing so far provided to attract visitor to another time. Food, drinks and even handouts were not available and few visitors appear not really impressed by what they  see as reepresenting Nigeria.

Tourism is all about Travel Agents, students, top airlines  engagement but by Nigeria definition, no representation of those essential bodies to pull on the nation’s train of tourism.

” This year has been same mediocrity of non-achievement and outright failure which many of us have seen for some time, a passionate travel Agent lamented.

Buzzling: The Tanzanian pavilion engaged in discussion with visitors making inquiry about the country’s holiday destinations and investment prospects.

Much ventured but nothing gained?

Last June, a 15-member delegation from the Nigerian Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies visited Tanzania to study various aspects related to tourism development in the country. The mission was meant to make Nigeria gain from Tanzania’s wealth of tourism experience.
At a meeting with senior officials of the Tanzania Tourism Board in Dar es Salaam, the team leader, Ms B. A. Oloketuyi, said, among areas of interest was the effect of Globalization on Tourism.

She claimed that her trip would provide a big chance of  capturing and obtaining  a big package of  useful strategies to be employed in the marketing of the tourism in Nigeria.

The Tanzania Tourism Board Director of Marketing, Ms Devota Mdachi, tipped the Nigerian mission on the various efforts put in by TTB to promote Tanzania’s unique attractions in the inbound market through different outlets including international exhibitions, national and international media, on top of invitations to foreign tourism operators.

None of the learnt strategies have been put in practice in Nigeria as the nations gulps in more follies in self adoring one man show which is taking the nation nowhere.

The delegation leader presented An Appreciation Plague to the TTB Director of Marketing at the end of the visit.

The leader of the Nigerian National Institute for Policy and Strategic
Studies team, Ms B. A. Oloketuyi (left), presenting An Appreciation
Plague to the Director of Marketing, Tanzanian Tourist Board, Ms Devota Mdachi. Centre, is Tourism and Services Manager, Mr. Philip Chitaunga