Nigeria Carnival UK 2010 is cancelled, say the organisers.

    Carnival postponed
    Carnival postponed

    Only one day to the commencement of a two day much publicised and much talked about Nigerian Carnival UK, slated to take place on Saturday and Sunday, the carnival  has been postponed indefinitely.

    The shocking and last minute postponement already has caused ripples among interested individuals and companies who have already queued up to storm the much publicised event.

    The ditching already has been communicated to the public in the website of the pilot organisation Nigeria Carnival UK, which gave no detailed reasons for the postponement.

    Emnnews .com however can reveal that the organisers of the Nigerian celebration have been let down by all those who have promised to support the Carnival despite consistent promises before now especially on the issue of funding.

    All arrangement had been made and the big venue had been secured only with  individual contributions  during  the initial plan according to sources.

    The bulk of the blames however are being laid in the door step of the home government and the Nigerian Embassy which had not made their  support felt through financial assistance or moral and in logistics.

    Sources said the home government has been very slow in acting while the embassy in London has seen nothing of importance in the great idea.

    Already, Nigerians across Europe are arriving while many Africans have signalled their intention to make a date with the two day extravaganza.

    Business owners who had signalled their intention to take up stalls for their business are most hit and  disappointed and the magnitude of the created awareness and attending publicity had remained the reason why so much interest has been created in the mind of the people.

    The carnival remains one of the best well publicised event in UK and Europe  in the history of African Celebration.

    Kashif Jones-Laguda, Founder and organiser of the event confirmed to EMNnews that the event has been postponed due to unforeseen circumstances. He said the  Organisation has planned to send representatives to the venue to communicate the cancellation to the teeming crowds expected at the event.

    If hosted, the Carnival could have been the best Nigeria celebration in Europe for many years due to the timing, the season and the venue which is one of the best World event hosting venues in Europe.

    Among other things, the Carnival was aimed at putting  in the limelight the on-going  Nigeria’s 50th anniversary celebration in Europe, as the entertainment segment of the celebration after the recent two day conference.

    The Carnival could have had a major impact in Europe  as the nation takes the celebration across the world

    It was meant to create a solid impact in the mind of the entire world.