Nigeria Diaspora Holds Security Summit As NDSF Takes On Terrorists.

NSDF Converner, International Security Expert, Temitope Olodo
NSDF Converner, International Security Expert, Temitope Olodo

Nigeria’s Dispora Holds Security Summit As NDSF Takes On Terrorists-Nigerians in the Diaspora has made the first move towards the social, economic and political stability of Nigeria nation by organising and holding a security summit which would create a new foundation for the best road map in dealing with security issues as it affects Nigeria.

For several years, the terrorist group,  Boko Haram, one of  African continent’s social and economic threat has posed s great danger attacking both government and public place and creating major mayhem in North-West Nigeria and in other parts.

At the organised event holding in London, expert would deliver keynotes on the best ways forward in tackling security issues in Nigeria and assessing  the many dangers of lack of effective planning, monitoring, assessing and  accurately and precisely proffering solutions. The gathering  would also spell out best ways to assist the nation in handling imminent dangers and forestalling calculated attacks.

The Nigeria’s Security Summit 2015’, the brain child of the Nigeria Diaspora Security Forum (NDSF), a non-governmental organisation with its headquarters in London will touch on many related security issues as it affect the nation’s future and suggest ways towards tactical planning to handle immediate threats.

According to International security expert, Temitope Olodo, the forum is not gathering to reveal strategies, but only putting heads together to sensitise government on the need to be ahead in tacticalplanning.

boko_attacks_624Mr  Olodo, the convener of (NDSF) spoke on the need for immediate action by the newly sworn-in Nigeria government pointed out that terrorists across the World are known to be swift and unpredictable, and the current Nigerian situation calls for expertise involvement in assessing the right ways and manners to handle known and unknown  threats.

He said: “The forum will sensitise the government on certain issues and declare member experts readiness to give out useful information that would help in immediate solution to terroris problems” he said.

The gathering would also touch on many faces of insecurity that Nigerians abroad are confronted with as a direct fall-out of insecurity back home in NIgeria.

nigarian flag It is being  claimed among the top echelon of NDSF that as the nation settles down in a new political dispensation which has seen the All Progressive Conference (APC) holding the baton of leadership in Nigeria, there is the need to tackle the threat of  terrorist group, Boko Haram which  continues to pose serious threats to both sovcial and economic well-being of the nation.

“There is the need to engage government at this point in time in ways towards the nation’s assured security and sensitising Nigerians home and abroad on  the priority of tacking terrorism beforehand as the new government settles down” an  NDSF top officer told .

Nigerian across the United Kingdom have been urged to turn up  on Thursday June 25 so that they can contribute their quota of security adviceto the nation.

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Nigeria Security Summit 2015

Nigeria Diaspora Security Forum

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Time: 17:30 to 20:00 (BST)

Venue: Main Hall, Nigeria Embassy, 9, Northumberland Avenue, Central London

London, United Kingdom

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