Nigeria Economy: What Does the Future Hold On Discussion At Britain’s Sit Of Power


nigeriaNigeria Economy: What Does the  Future Hold On Discussion At Britain’s Sit Of Power
-As  Nigeria’s much awaited 2015 elections approach in about one month time, the issues of her future economic prospect, role of Niger Delta as the economic fountain and  the regional power play stake-holding  are once again to be discussed.

The discussion is to hold  in a political forum in the heart of the British Parliament in London. With oil remaining  the mainstay of the nation’s economy and  determining its trading future,   Nigerians in the Diaspora once again have been called upon to come and hear what the future will possibly be holding.

The forum discusses  the nation’s  economic future and the role politics will be playing in the oil reliant economy which has regional interests playing big roles in interest crave.

The role of political interest in oil resources distribution will be discussed as we gear up a new political dispensation. With Nigerians across the World gearing up for the election and many are being urged to  temper wisdom with their decision on the election day, many information emerging at this forum may make or mar many of the contestants in the coming election.

Following the postponement from February 14 to March 28 this year, the opportunity of picking a right choice of candidate as the elections approach has come once again. Many mind boggling and  agitating points on decisions on the  election  has been fixed for discussions in the next week interactive forum in the British House of Parliament , London, a next door to where Presidential aspirant, General Buhari appeared last Thursday.

Top economic analyst and politicians from both sides of the Nigerian political tent  have been invited to examine points of facts creating opportunities to  gather information on making the right choice in the election as it approaches this month of March. Among issues on discussion is the role that oil will play in the next political dispensation, the  plight of Niger Delta and its future stakes, and other matters of national interest dotting discussions at the forum.

NigeriaThe Niger-Delta region of Nigeria is the region that produces Nigeria’s oil. It has  always been in the news as a deprived minority in the country.

With  the  current Nigeria President’s being  a citizen of the region, issues of its interest in case it loses power, and even then  as a key factor in the power play will feature.

The Big Questions: What is the future holding for Nigeria,

What is the prospects of the economy and what role Nigeria Delta is going to play in the next political dispensation in the light of the regional power play in Nigeria’s leadership zoning in the World’s most unpredictable  political chess play nation.

Can the North-Eastern insurgency be stopped from the experience gained in curbing Niger-Delta Militancy.

What is to be gained from British Democratic experience?. On the front burner of discussion is Nigeria’s special adviser on Niger-Delta and Presidential Chairman Amnesty.  Date: Thursday March5 2015  Venue: Chatham House Time: 4PM

Gabriel Tunde Alabi: Convener, African Diaspora Engagement, House of Parliament
Gabriel Tunde Alabi: Convener, African Diaspora Engagement, House of Parliament