Nigeria: Great minds converge to answer if nation is on the right political path


AS Nigeria sets for her 52nd Independence Anniversary coming up this October 1, 2012, great minds from across the World meet to discuss if the nation is on the right path to political righteousness and moral, economic and social stardom. Ben Television champions a new course to put some facts straight about our nation and her social, political and economic future . Date Monday September 17, 2012, Venue Westminster.

Ben Tv

Political analysts and scholars of high repute are set to put Nigeria’s political journey under periscope  once again, putting  the presidential system on trial in a London Conference .

Under the topic of  ‘Nigeria’s Democratic and National Development’ , contributors will  converge to analyze the current system of government, with political scholars  set to put on the scale the good, the bad and the ugly in the journey so far, and squeezing out  the nation’s political gains and her arrays of  calamities under the current  political dispensation.

Africa’s best  Television  Station, Best Entertainment Network (BEN),  next Monday is floating the Conference to find out whether the nation has been worse off or better off since returning to presidential system of government since 1999.

The event will hold at Macmillan Room, Portcullis House, (British Parliament), Westminster, London SW1A 2LR on Monday 17the  September,  2012.

Chuka Umunna. MP

Among those that are speaking at the Conference are  American  and United Kingdom political activists,who will be brainstorming with their Nigerian counterparts.

Media executives are expected to be present.

Convener of the Conference and Chief Executive of BEN television, Mr Alistair Soyode, speaking about the conference said that  with Nigeria’s  52nd Independence anniversary around the corner, “it is essential to see this period as a period of stock- taking of our political history”.

According to him, Nigeria is Africa’s leading social,  economic and political nation with the biggest stake in world economic affairs.

He said many people have asked the questions as to whether the nation is on the verge of revolution and social anarchy?
He added: “Is there a visible way forward? Are there  real plans for sustainable and beneficial democracy that every Nigerian will be proud of in the future?. Mr Soyode said these and many other questions will answered at the conference.

Alistair Soyode, BEN Chief Executive

According to him, the nation’s current situation needs a better x-ray to channel a better political future He asked: “Since the return of Nigeria to a democratic dispensation in 1999, has anything really changed in the country? Has national development and growth measured up to the huge cost of servicing and maintaining the country’s democracy at both  States and Federal levels? Do developments and growth; social, economic, infrastructure and security, match up with these huge expenses sacrificed for the current system? Has Nigeria’s Democracy helped the country’s cultural, economic, religious and political diversity or has the system created more stumbling block with  more ethnic divisions  and social chaos imminent and with the culminating  irreparable consequences?.

Mr Soyode however calls on Africans and every concerned Nigerians to be present at the conference on Monday September17th 2012 so they can get answers to those questions. He urged that every Nigeria abroad owes a duty of call to be part of a turnaround plan for our nation’s political future for the better.

Co-host and Ben Television newscaster Mr Tunde Alabi looked at the Nigerians dilemma with the current situation in Europe where Africans are being made to face the hurdle of day-to-day pressure: “The current economic challenges in Europe have created problems for immigrants with the government  of the different European countries tightening the noose on immigrants”

“Yet many Africans are running  helter- skelter across the world  in search of a better life with deaths and insanity being the result end. We put every fault on the doorstep of African leaders who have failed to meet people’s expectation”. Alabi called all Nigerians to come over so that we can all be part of discussions for the future.

“Today, Africa is being seen as the next gold mine of the world with Nigeria as a focus because of her wealth of  resources, yet we are treated as second class people across the world”, he regretted.

Mr Alabi said that Nigeria’s resources are  being wasted and manipulated by leaders to their own gains and benefits adding the current situation needed an x-ray.

He queried:”Are there any future and are there real opportunities that will guarantee peace, security, social mobility and economic sustainability for Nigerians especially in the  Diaspora as many are  planning to return to home in the face of years of uncertainties? He urged all Nigerians to come to the conference in order to be empowered

Among the leaders of thoughts that will lead in the full day discussions are Rachael Meyers of the United States Embassy in London, Keith Vaz, a British Member of Parliament, Meg Hillier, British MP and Nigerian born Chuka Umunna, one of the future hopes in the British politics and Prince Olagunsoye  Oyinlola, National Secretary Nigeria People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

Convener, BEN tv Chief Executive, Alistair Soyode  will also speak at the Conference while Dr Joe Ukemenam-Bame will take part in the full day session of discussions.

Discussants are on hand to unravel whether the current system of government  in Nigeria will be able to resolve the mirage of crises that have bedevilled the nation since the current dispensation, especially with the system gulping more than a quarter of the nation’s budget  since its  inception?

Is Nigeria on the verge of revolution?
Any way forward!
Any real plan for sustainable and beneficial democracy that every Nigerian will be proud of!.. come over for an answer.


DATE: 17TH SEPT, 2012