Nigeria in Security danger: Sudanese, Somalis and Niger loyalists join Boko Haram jihad war on Nigeria


Here, Governor Fashola of Lagos State of Nigeria and security men inspect illegal imported arms into the country Many more could have escaped security checks .

Nigeria is on red alert of security dangers as foreign nationals co-opting with Boko Haram jihad activities to carry out possible political subversion and unleashing of more mayhem have been uncovered by security agents.

As a follow–up to the recent attack on Louis Edet House, the headquarters of the Nigeria Police Force, Boko Haram are poised for the Arab land style insurrection using foreign nationals and deceiving the world there is political crisis in Nigeria.

Commentators speaking on the recent attack on the Police Headquarters have opined that the recent attack tantamount  to an attack on the Nigerian state.

Now the extent of the plans of the sect may not be known until they unleash the plan which may be carried out with the connivance of other nationals to dubiously attract Nigeria enemies as to conclude there is crisis in the country.

It has been established that citizens of Sudan, Niger Republic and Somalia are co-opting with the deadly Boko Haram sect, possibly  to destabilise and unleash more terror  on the nation, and cause a major rattle for the nation’s leadersship.

By the strength with which Boko Haram struck last Thursday, it is an alarming signal and  truism that the sect in collaboration with its foreign alliance may have the possible intention of overrunning the nation and causing more insurrections through the use of foreign nationals, who may  aim at destabilising  the government of Goodluck  Jonathan.

Now, the nations security operatives are conceding that Nigeria is on the tenterhooks of both local and foreign religious sect incursions and  may be planning large scale hijack  and destabilisation of Nigerian government.

Now, Sudanese Niger and Somali nationals are in large numbers in Nigeria, being hired to compliment Boko Haram.

The arrest of many of those foreign nationals in Nigeria have spur Nigeria government to summon the Ambassadors  of those countries to supply the number of their nationals living in the country.

The Nigerian Police during the weekend arrested a large number Boko Haram faithful and to the consternation of the security men, the arrest revealed that nationals of  Somalia,  Sudan, and Niger Republic are being integrated as Boko Haram jihad fighters.

A combined team of Police, military and detective agencies have been stunned, following the storming of Boko Haram by crack detectives that there are international influence and collaboration in Boko Haram operation in the country.

The current discovery is an indication that Nigeria could be in danger of being overrun by Boko Haram and its jihad fighting  collaborators using the current Arab land insurrection as a cover to destabilize the Nigerian Government.

“The no- hold- back foreign and national Islamic mercenary is  in Nigeria in large numbers and could be planning an all out insurrection against the nation under the on-going Arab land insurrection cover, waging jihadist war against the nation”, a political observer told EMNnews in London.

Arms and ammunition siezed in Lagos Ports

The Federal Government in a swift reaction  has instructed the government of those countries to provide the list of their citizens currently residing in Nigeria.

“The Federal government cannot afford to take chances in the event of these hired mercenaries who are  involved in Boko Haram activities”, a source told EMNNews from Abuja on Monday.

The Government in its determination to crush the Islamic sect has also directed the embassies of Somalia, Niger and Sudan to compile a comprehensive list of all their nationals in the country in a bid to move against those who were in the country illegally and who may be waiting for a move to join the jihadists.

Already, almost 100  Boko Haram loyalists and members have so far been arrested and have been moved to Abuja by the police. Fifty eight of them were transported to Abuja over the weekend.

Sources confirmed to Vanguard on Sunday that about 58 of those arrested were transported to Abuja aboard a military aircraft and are currently being detained at the headquarters of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, (SARS), amid heavy security provided by both members of the Mobile Police and the Anti-terrorist Squad.

NIgerias Police IG, Abubakar Ringim, almost caught in bomb attack

Security forces have been placed on red alert in Kano as part of proactive measure to forestall infiltration of more criminal elements.

Hundreds of combat ready personnel were deployed in strategic places in the city, especially routes linking Kano with Jigawa, Kaduna, Katsina and Sokoto.

Similarly, the Navy has intensified security around oil platforms in the Niger Delta region. Addressing officers of the NNS Pathfinder Commanding Officer of the base, Commodore Jerry Unoarumhi charged his men on ground to show more intelligence and diligence while discharging their duties.

Security sources told Vanguard that the arrest of the 58 Boko Haram members with Somalis , found in their midst, confirmed the suspicion of the investigating team that Somalia and Sudan nationals who had sympathy for the Boko Haram cause, were working in hand in hand  with the Islamic sect to perpetrate havoc in the country.

Vanguard also learnt that all security agencies have been placed on the alert and asked to monitor activities of all Somalis, Niger and Sudanese nationals found in any part of the country as intelligence reports had shown that terrorist from these countries have infiltrated the country.

Giving details of how the suspects were arrested, a source told Vanguard that the Boko Haram members were jubilating their success of hitting the Force headquarters and causing unease in the nation at their hideout in a village, when security agencies swooped on them.

Already, the arrest of the suspects is said to have given the American bomb experts some confidence that the origin of the explosives would be unearthed in no distant time.

However, the seizure of a large quantity of arms and ammunitions in the Lagos ports last year  by the Nigerian customs created a large scale suspicion as to whether the arms were meant for the Boko Haram sect.

With the arms linked to an Iranian and legal proceedings already holding over the link, Nigeria security may now be forced to re-open investigation as to whether the owning up by the Iranian was a fix to cover up the real culprits, who could be leaders or sponsors of Boko Haram sect.

Sources claimed since the arms importation case is now in court, it is unlikely the case would be reopen for further investigation but there is the possibility that the case may reopen if there are traces that the arms emanated from the same source as the ones used in recent spate of bombings by Boko Haram sect.

“Those who perpetuate such crimes as arms running always have all sorts choices of escape route from the law.The owning up of the Iranian could be a sheer volunteer fix aimed at  diverting  attention from the real culprits who could have promised compensation to those held accountable in a back door arranged incarceration just shielding them from the law and exposure” said a legal expert in London.

He claimed that International criminals have their modus operandi which they use to avoid the law to shield them from being exposed.

Addition: Vanguard