"Nigeria is a failed state", says Dr Bamanga Tukur


     Nigeria’s foremost statesman and  and New Partnership for Africa’s Development, (NEPAD) chairman, Alhaji Bamanga Tukur has described Nigeria as a failed state.

    Taking a hard look at the political, social and economic history of the country, Dr Tukur who is a renowned Pan- Africanist  said  one of the reasons Nigeria has failed is her laxity in good governance and her failure to take right initiativesin Africa and her failure in meeting the demand  and expectations of the entire citizenry of the nation.

    Alhaji Bamangar Tukur was responding to questions from a panel of journalists in London on the United Kingdom based Blacks and African Television Station, BEN Tv, where he was a guest.

    He had been invited in as a special guest of the station  to reflect the past , the present and the future of the country as Nigeria celebrates her 51st year Independence anniversary coming up on Saturday.

    “Nigeria is a well blessed country and God has a reason for bringing us together. If the leadership of the country is given a mandate to serve the country, such mandate should not be abused for personal purpose”, he said.

    According to the business guru, leadership in Nigeria has been a shadow of itself and he cited insecurity as the greatest danger that the nation is facing claiming if the nation had provided the right quality of leadership to the people, there would not have been issues to tackle with both Boko Haram or Movement for the Emancipation of Niger Delta (MEND).

    He however hoped that all was not lost as he said Nigeria of the future would  set a new positive agenda for a more fruitful and purposeful future.

    He spoke passionately about the issue of nation’s development and regretted that Nigeria in her 51years of Independence remains a shadow of herself as a nation.

    Alhaji Tukur agreed that his party Nigerian ruling Peoples Democratic Party has failed the nation having derailed from the main objective with which the party was formed. Such objective he said was to meet the needs and aspirations of the people of Nigeria and Africa as our continent.

    According to him, politicians are elected to serve the purpose of the people but many politicians deviate from the manifestoes of the party to pursue their own agenda and refusing to tow the real agenda set by the party.

    “When our party PDP was created, we went to the nooks and corners of the nation to get ideas and collate what the people were in need of”, he stressed.

    Alhaji Bamaga Tukur

    He agreed that PDP derailed from the original set goals claiming that even then, the Chairmanship and leadership of the party, which is suppose to call those in government to order  failed in their duties of guide and responsibilities.

    What really happened was that many of those giving the responsibility of pursuing the genuine manifestoes of the government deviated as they refuse to carry out the party laid down objectives.

    He likened the issue of political parties and its leadership to a relationship between a mother and her children claiming that unless the children are guided and guarded, the tendency is for the children to go astray and that if the child is not finding sleep as a trouble making child the mother will not sleep as well, having failed in setting the right  life for the child.

    According to him, it is in this regard that the leadership of PDP is not finding itself in comfortable  position today due to bad leadership.

    According to him, he has launched unofficially a new initiative for PDP Chairmanship and he expected that if democratic process will prevail, he would be the next captain to direct the voyage of the future PDP.

    “We had a set out our  objectives when we founded PDP. That objective needs to be brought back so we can realise the lost dreams of our people”, he said.