Nigeria Is My Second Home”, Says Nollywood Actress Fatima Jabbe


Fatima 1Her Film,  ‘Battered’ which reveals the terrible states of the mind of many African women going through violence  is set to be premiered this month, precisely on September 28. As she put finishing touches to the hit movie, which many has previewed as the only movie to beat this year in London, she took time to respond to many questions about her private life and some facts about the movie. Meet Fatima Jabbe, the multi talented screen Goddess and Nollywood star.

She has a penchant for what is excellence and has vowed never to compromise her taste irrespective of any situation that she finds herself.

According to her, her uncompromising stance for the best in life has been the major reason why she refuses to give up and when the going turns scary with various challenges, she pumps up the volume of her determination in all her engagements, determining to succeed. 

 Fatimah Jabbe is a complete African, having been so entangled both by birth and social interaction with all sides of the continent, from East to West and From South to North.

In West Africa, she remains an icon of note and has done a lot to allow her a prominent place in history; as a socialite, producer, event hostess, actress, broadcaster, motivator and a counselor.

 Her charity events are celebrated both in the Gambia and  Sierra Leone, where she shares her parental link and in other sub-sahara African nations.

Pretty, confident, self-assuring, intelligent, cool and collected, the top actress recently disclosed how she has always been mistaken for a Nigerian, because of her affinity with the country and her love for the wealth of cultures and social uniqueness.

“ I love Nigeria a lot and I am proud to say that I love the people for their uniqueness in all areas of life”, she disclosed during a short interview.

 According to her, many Nigerians who have come across her have always spoken one Nigerian native language or the other, while they expected her to respond in the same language.

fatima2“It is a common occurrence and daily challenges for me as many Nigerians demonstrate their love and affection for me each time I am out thinking I am Nigerian born. Of course, I am because I am  African blooded”, she disclosed.

“Nigerians are hard-working people and their influence across the World cannot be pushed aside, whatever anybody says about the people”, she said.

She claimed her first attraction was drawn because of Nigerians resourcefulness and their hospitable nature.

“I have also had a long relationship with many Nigerians over the years, which has made me so attachable”, she said.

 She would however not consider a simple question of romance attached to Nigeria, claiming that her romance is a private matter and would not want to discuss about it.

 “I am a very open person and I love being in the midst of Africans irrespective of where they came from. I love Africa and I want to remain with my African identity as a public figure. I won’t discuss about my private life here because I respect my family and all my close associates”, she said. Generally, I want to thank God for his Grace over me and thanking  all who have shown their love for me and what I do. God bless them all”, she said.

 Fatima’s new movie, ‘Battered’ is schedule to be premiered this month and all is now set for the red carpet occasion which has been the talk of both London and beyond.

‘Battered’ is  produced by  Fatima Jabbe and it is due for preview in London on the 28th September, 2013 at the Odeon Cinema in Greenwich, London.

Many film buffs who have seen the film at its various shooting locations have attested to the fact that it will remain the only one film to beat, standing out of many that have been shown this year.

Miss Jabbe who is nominated for this year’s African Oscars in the USA said ‘Battered’is about domestic violence in homes and holds the view that it is a film that many people, both young and old would cherish and learn from, having a strong African setting.

She claimed to have written the movie which afforded her the opportunity of playing the lead role in it.

Fatimah‘Battered’ Short Preview

‘Battered’, with the slogan: “A Thin Line between Jealousy and Insanity” demonstrated in practical experience violence against women, the menace of which has been an obstacle to the achievement of equality, development and peace within our societal setting. Ann is a victim of crucial social cultural and traditional mechanisms which forces our women into ‘slavery’ servitude, given men a wide edge gap of family control.

She was driven by circumstances of her living in continued pain, spiritual and mental agony and many more imaginable maltreatment which drew her to shoot her Fiancé Derek with a short gun. Her encounter with terrifying torture, cruelty, inhuman and degrading treatment  had distorted her mental being due to the abusive stance of her lover, Derek. She took the ultimate revenge but narrowly escapes court charges because of an alibi from a friend, Tina who was with her on one of her encountered violent days.

For more, September 28 is the date at Odeon, Greenwich.

According to Fatima who refused to disclose if ‘BATTERED’ is a true story about her life: A lot of women and men know someone who has gone through this sort of domestic violence and they seem not to  have any solution or an alternative  to their situation. Is there a proffered solution to suc situation as provided by ‘Battered’, September 28 will tell.

The film will also feature Nigeria’s finest footballer John Utaka, who has taken a daring dip into the world of acting in his debut into Nollywood filming industry.

Other cast members and stars in the film includes Atto Erick, Yvonne Hays, Theodora Ibekwe, Jay One, Marie Gomez, Olivia Eze, Collins Archie Pearce, Happiness, Tim Uche and many more.

The film is directed by the legendary Lanre Balogun who also played the lead role and Alaba Festus. Official sound tract is from Cashino NDT, makeup artist is by the one and only Libeks and the cinematography, editor and associate producer is the visionary Nelson Spyks.

For more, September 28 is the date at Odeon, Greenwich.

According to Fatima who refused to disclose if ‘BATTERED’ is a true story about her life: “A lot of women and men know someone who has gone through this sort of domestic violence and they seem not to have any solution or an alternative  to their situations. Is there a proffered solution to such situation as encountered by Ann, provided by the film, ‘Battered’?, September 28 will tell.

Film: ‘Battered’, A thing line between  jealousy and insanity

Categoty: 12A

Date: September 28, 2013

Venue: Odeon Cinema in Greenwich, London

Time: 7PM

Fees: 20 Pounds

VIPs Fees: 30 Pounds