Nigeria- Why We Missed Our Ways As A Nation, By Amb Maitama Sule


Nigeria- Why We Missed Our Ways As A Nation, By Amb Maitama Sule-A Nigerian Statesman and former Permanent Representative to the United Nations has taken a hard look at the history of the nation, concluded that many past leaders have betrayed the conscience of the nation. According to him, oil has brought more curses on the nation rather than blessings

Alhaji Yusuf Maitama Sule attributed Nigeria’s lack of political, economic and technological progress to the nation’s past leaders’ lack of commitment and unwillingness to drive the nation forward.

According to him, bad leadership in Nigeria had throne away developmental drives, creating an era of wasted opportunities.

One the nation’s elder statesmen was delivering a keynote speech at the 8th annual forum of the Nigerian National Order of Merit Awardees in Abuja which took place recently in Abuja.

Ambassador Sule reminded that Nigeria started off very well as a prosperous nation and was in the league of upcoming countries like  Brazil and India before her wheel of progress was derailed by bad leadership and leaders with only personal interests.

He claimed the nation lost her potent power midway due to many leaders pursuing personal interests and mismanaging  the nation’s big resources.

He claimed: “Nigeria used to be at par with India and Brazil, but unfortunately, the two countries are today poles ahead of Nigeria in terms of technological advancement and economic prosperity”.

He continued: “If we had used proceeds from oil very well, Nigeria would have been another Dubai; if not a better country. Unfortunately, oil has brought us some curse”,

The elder statesman regretted that  Brazil at the same time  established Defense industries with Nigerians nation. He claimed while Nigeria still oscillates in vision-less stupor, Brazil is a the side of positive history as manufacturers of ships, Aircraft, bombs and weapons.

According to him, , the Defense Industries Corporation of Nigeria (DICON), which has Kaduna as base today can only boast of   furniture production.

Nigeria: Missing her ways moral degeneration and derailing values is the orders of the day