Nigeria satellite launch: “Let’s celebrate the future, says Goodluck Jonathan


President Goodluck Jonathan has called on Nigerians to stand up head high as a new developmental initiative has been launched through the successful launch into the space Nigeria’s Satellite station, NigComSat-1R.

Jonathan on Tuesday said the successful launch of the new Nigerian communications satellite (NigComSat-1R) was another step toward the development of a modern, knowledge-driven society.

In a congratulatory statement on the launch in Xichang, China on Monday, the Nigerian leader said the satellite would have a positive impact on national development as many plans are currently afoot to bring the nation to a fruitful future.

He said with the successful launch of the satellite, Nigeria has kept up with the timeframe of activities contained in the country’s 25-year National Space Development Road-map.

According to him, the satellite would be useful in specialized areas, such as communications, internet services, health, agriculture, environmental protection and national security.

The launched NigComSat-1R blasting to space

The president said NigComSat-1R would also help in the development of indigenous competence in the management of satellites and related technologies in Nigeria.

He said the new satellite would substantially reduce the annual expenditure of over 1 billion U.S. dollars arising from the use of foreign bandwidth for GSM communications, cable television, e- commerce and e-government in Nigeria.

The new satellite was paid for by the insurance policy on NigComSat-1 which de-orbited in 2009.