Nigeria Shi’ite Islamic Sect In Arms Deals With Iran, Says Sheik Gumi


Nigeria Shi’ite Islamic Sect In Arms Deals With Iran Says Sheik Gumi-The Nigerian Shiites Islamic sect of Sheikh El-Zakzaky has run a parallel government in the Northern Nigeria for about 40 years, according to Iran sources.

Kaduna-based Islamic scholar, Sheikh Ahmad Abubakar Gumi granting an interview during the week confirmed that ex-President Umaru Yar’adua confided in him that there was  massive importation of arms and ammunition being supplied to the sect from Iran.

Gumi claimed that the Zaria based Shiite sect runs a parallel, citing Iran as a supplier of arms to the Shi’ites to cushion its extremism regime.

Sheik Gumi was addressing reporters Thursday in Kaduna where he claimed that the sect runs military training: “The Shi’ites have been embarking on military training and producing cadets and soldiers within the country.

He claimed: “They are operating a state within a state.”

According to him: “The Islamic Movement of Nigeria does not recognize the corporate entity of the country. The group is not registered. Members operate above the law and get direct foreign aid.”

The doctor-turned Islamic scholar said the clash between Shi’ites and soldiers was “a divine intervention to prevent us from a catastrophe as that of Boko Haram.”

He said he wrote Zakzaky about a year ago, warning him about the dangers of blocking roads during the annual Ar’baeen trek, when his followers trekked from all over the country to Zaria.

Sheik Gumi said public disturbance and disruption is forbidding in Islam, claiming that   blocking roads was an abomination in Islam.

The scholar said the North would be underdeveloped if Shia and Boko Haram were not eradicated.

He said: “Unnecessary blocking of roads and shouting of slogans increase tension in the North.”

Reacting  to  Sheik Gumis claim, the Shi’ite group sect said Gumi’s allegation that the sect was  running a parallel govt was not true, because a government exists when it has a standing army and a territory. It said the sect, don’t have a territory: “We don’t even own a mosque, we pray with other Muslims”.

The sect continued in its reaction: “How can there be two governments for 40 years in the same territory without war? We pay taxes and are law-abiding. For the past 40 years, nobody can claim we attacked or molested him.”

However, the Shi’ite sect Leader Sheikh Ibrahim El-Zakzaky on Thursday was remanded in prison custody charged with criminal offences.

Nigeria Islamic Shi'ite Sect Runs Parallel govt for 40 years- Sheik Gumi
Nigeria Islamic Shi’ite Sect Runs Parallel govt for 40 years- Sheik Gumi

A chief magistrate In Zaria remanded and charged him with criminal conspiracy and inciting public disturbances.

He was arraigned at the Chief Magistrates’ Court 1, Zaria Road, Kaduna alongside some of his followers.

Police spokesperson Olabisi Kolawole confirmed to the press that El Zakzaky was arraigned  and remanded on criminal charges.

She said: “The Shi’ite leader has been arraigned at a magistrates’ court and charged with criminal conspiracy, inciting public disturbances, among others. He has been remanded in prison custody and the case has been adjourned.”

The Shi’ite leader was arrested after his members blocked the path of the Chief of Army Staff in Zaria, leading to a clash with soldiers. Many sect members were killed.

Army Chief Lt.-Gen Tukur Buratai said last week that Zakzaky  was no longer in the custody of the army, but with the agency of government responsible for prosecution of suspects.

Inspector General of Police Solomon Arase confirmed that the Islamic leader’s case  was currently being handled by the Nigerian Police.

Watch this video of the sect in their real Kingdom during a celebration. It begs so many questions. Take your time to watch fully to have a real grasp: