Nigeria Soldiers on 'Mad Dog' rampage as DPO, DCO and eight policemen are slaughtered in Badagry


A  Divisional Police Officer(DPO), his duty head of crime units (DCO) and about twelve other police junior officers, many of them from the Rapid Response Squad were gun down in cold blood as Nigerian soldiers took laws into their hand following the death of a colleague.

Police: Nigeria Anti riot Policemen in celebration

It was a gory sight as blood  spilling as it flowed freely on  Tuesday  in Badagry, Lagos State  after the group of heavily armed soldiers from the 242 Recce Battalion, Iberepo  Badagry took over strategic locations in the ancient town maiming and killing any police man on sight in an apparent revenge after  one of their colleagues met his untimely death.

On Tuesday afternoon, several bodies of dead policemen littered the area of the impasse.

The Divisional Police Officer, Chief Superintendent of Police (CSP) Saliu Samson and  his Divisional Crime Officer, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DPS) Samuel had come out following to broker peace following the ensuing pandemonium.

The came out appealing for calm, but rather met the ‘mad dog ‘ nature of the soldiers. The two top officers were gunned down in cold blood.

Two police patrol vehicles belonging to the  Rapid Response Squad (RRS) were set ablaze while their occupants were chased and shot dead at point blank range.

As at 2.30 pm on Tuesday afternoon, corpses of police officers littered the Iberepo roundabout  while the rampaging soldiers were spotted with every imaginable dangerous weapons scouting for  men from the Nigerian Police Force to kill.

Sources said some police men and their families who lived in the Iberepo barracks were chased out and seriously wounded.

According to sources, a soldier in mufti who was escorting goods from the NigeriaSeme border was accosted by a police officer attached to RRS and Monday and demanded to search the vehicle.

It was learnt that the late unidentified soldier had challenged the policeman and threatened to disarmed him if he does not allow the vehicle free way;  prompting the trigger happy policeman to fire at him at close range.

The soldier reportedly slumped and died on the spot.

Nigeria Police Inspector General, Abubakar Hafiz Ringim

Vanguard was told that the news of the killing of the soldier soon filtered into the Iberepo barracks and some soldiers mobilized as early as 9,00am yesterday and started attacking any policeman on sight contrary to a non violence order given to them by the commander of the barracks,  Colonel Nabasa.

Contacted, the Force public relation officer, DCP Olusola Amore said he was yet to get details of the clash saying, “Let me talk to the CP Lagos then I will be in a better position to react to the matter.

But his counterpart in the army, Lieutenant Colonel Kayode Ogunsanya of the 81 Division said the situation had been brought under control stressing that it will be throughly investigated.

“The situation is under control and I can assure you that the cause of the clash will be thoroughly investigated,” he assured.

By Albert Akpor-Vanguard newspaper, Lagos