Act of Barbarism: Nigerian Ambassador to Kenya, Dr Chijioke Wilcox Wigwe, Assaults Wife

Assaulted Ambassador Wigwe's wife, Tess Wigwe
Assaulted Ambassador Wigwe's wife, Tess Wigwe

The Nigerian ambassador to Kenya, Dr Chijioke Wilcox Wigwe, is on the verge of going on an unprecedented trial in that country for assault, battery and cannibalism. On May 11, Wigwe allegedly attacked his wife, Tess Iyi.

According to diplomatic sources, Kenya Police Commissioner Mathew Itwere has formally written to the Nigerian government through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs asking the Nigerian government to waive the immunity of ambassador Wigwe to enable the prosecution to go ahead.

The Kenya media is awash with shocking images of deep cuts and bruises on Mrs. Wigwe’s face, neck, fingers and spine resulting from a quarrel with the ambassador.

Assaulted Tess Wigwe
Assaulted Tess Wigwe

A women rights group, FIDA Kenya, has also condemned Ambassador Wigwe as being unfit fit to be Nigeria’s High Commissioner in Kenya.

Mrs. Wigwe, a lawyer who holds dual British and Nigerian citizenships, has also written to the Kenyan police asking that her husband be arrested for assaulting her, causing her serious bodily harm.

She explained that she decided to come out about her situation to show that domestic violence cuts across cultures, education and social standing. “I cannot keep quiet. I have kept quiet long enough,” Mrs. Wigwe is quoted as saying.

When things were good; the lovely couple Ambassador Wigwe and wife
When things were good; the lovely couple Ambassador Wigwe and wife

She also told the Nairobi Star she was rescued by her 20-year-old son and 23-year-old daughter on May 11, and rushed her, bleeding profusely, to the hospital.

She was admitted to the Aga Khan Hospital, Nairobi, where she was operated on and discharged on Sunday, May 15. She also said her doctors had advised her to be careful as the injuries to her lower back might lead to paralysis.

Meanwhile, Ambassador Wigwe, who doubles as Nigeria’s High Commissioner to the Seychelles and represents the country at the United Nations Environmental Programme and the UN Habitat in Nairobi, was today expected to play host to a four-day Nollywood roadshow and fair.

It is said to have been organised by the Nigerian Export Promotion Council, the Nigerian Guild of Actors and the Nigerian High Commission. It will culminate in a gala dinner on Sunday night.

The Nairobi Star was told by a lawyer acting for Mrs. Wigwe that they are demanding that Wigwe’s diplomatic immunity be lifted so that he can face the law.

The couple is reported to have five children — four boys and a girl aged between 32 and 20 years, and five grandchildren.


  1. This is an absolute madness, how could a man beat his wife to this extend? No matter the woman’s offence, I don’t the a reasonable man in a position of power like this crazy ambassador would have beaten his wife of more than 30 years like this. The ambassador is one of the people that are tarnishing the good image of Nigeria and he must be arrested and made to face the music. In fact, as a matter of fact, the Nigerian Govt should withdraw him from his ambassadorial assignment.

  2. I can’t just believe this happened ata all. Why would a man of (supposedly integrity) made his wife a punchon bag and beat her mercilessly like this. Just like Tony said above, I think this man should be called back by the Nigerian government if we are to be reckon with at all.

  3. Dr Chijioke is nothing but a bull shit, that was what our leards are doing to our people at home. December when i was at home i didnt know when tears started running down my face seen people at airport looking hargard smelling and so unkept. and the senators are earning twice Obama salary. What the ambassador did was bad because it was vivid, but what about our people that are suffering in silence, if that man did that to his wife, he must have done worst to other people.
    the lagos Ibadan express road is a den of arm robbers while the road itself is death trap, its sad that things are not working out i hope the new government will do better especially in my loving Oyo state and the City of Ibadan.

  4. How a man representing Nigeria could beat up his wife like this still baffles me…I can’t seem to understand how on earth this man has not been arrested and charged and probably sent to prison for battering this beautiful woman. Oh well, we shouldn’t really be surprised because the entire Nigerian govt is made up of people like this ambassador. In a normal society, this ambassador would have been dealt with by the law of the land. May God save Nigerians from the hands of oppressors like this man!

  5. This is the most despicable, barbaric behavior from a person who is representing a country. This behavior is not and should not be acceptable by anyone, culture or country. This man is not only a disgrace to himself, but to manhood and to the citizens of Nigeria, and he should be dealt with accordingly. No matter what crime his wife committed, he had absolutely no right to put his dirty fitly hands on her. I hope to God’s name the government of Nigeria will do the right thing and not throw this matter under the rug, because if they do, then they have given barbaric men like this ass to do the same thing, and walk out free. I feel so sorry for the children who were present when this was going on and had to take their mother to the hospital. i can imagine what these children have been going through all their lives, its about time she takes action. Her life is very precious and no marriage is worth this kind of violence. Domestic violence should not be tolerated by anyone, MAN OR WOMAN OR CHILDREN. I pray that the Almighty God will protect you and your children.AMEN

  6. @ Charles Sonny,

    I don’t care whether her own son is against her or not…No matter what might have happened, I still think beating a woman up like this should not be tolerated in a modern society. Relationship is not by force, it’s by choice…the ambassador should have done the honourable thing by divorcing the woman when he discovered that their living together aint going smoothie no more. Resulting to beating his wife up like a mad dog doesn’t justify his own or his son’s side of the story.