Nigerian Government told: "Please save Michael Ikenna Nduanya’s life"


LONDON: 24/03/2012

Michael Nkanna1The Nigerian Government has been urged to step into the case of Michael Ikenna Nduanya, 34, the Nigerian youngster who has been sentenced to death in Vietnam for illegal transportation of a small quantity of hard drug.

Michael was sentenced to death in Vietnam for transporting a small quantity of heroin. His Vietnamese wife was also sentences to life imprisonment, according to a court official last Wednesday.

The Nigerian and his common-law spouse Nguyen Thi Hai Anh, 27, were convicted on Tuesday in Ho Chi Minh City by an Ho Chi Minh City People’s Court.

He was sentenced to death on March 22 for illegal transportation of hard drugs.
The couple were arrested in December 2009.

According to the report, Nduanya had asked his wife to collect about one kilogram of heroin from Cambodia and she was arrested at a Ho Chi Minh City bus depot after returning with the drugs.

However, Nigerians across the world have called on the Nigerian government to step into Michael case with the aim of reducing the sentence.

“It would amount to a big slap on Nigeria’s face if such a life is wasted because of such little amount of drug”, a Nigerian lamented to EMNnews over the phone on Thursday.


Nduanya is the third person to be sentenced to death in Vietnam this year, according to state-controlled media reports tallied by AFP.

However, as the reported went across the world, Nigerians are urging the Nigerian government to act precisely to save Michael from untimely death, which many had said was partly caused by the negligence of the government in abandoning the Nigerian youth with their unemployment plights.

Michael NkannaForeign Minister Henry Odein Ajumogobia has been implored to intervene in order to test Nigeria’s own foreign diplomacy as many claimed, Michaels’ case may  open up a new wave of condemnation of Nigeria as a weak nation in foreign and  international relations.

“No country is perfect. The government of Nigeria is to blame for the plight of millions of helpless Nigerian youths  who have been neglected for long. If this guy is executed, the government may stand the trial of Nigerians across the world who may accuse the leaders of ineffectiveness” London based Nigerian  Lawyer, Alloysius Osondu Osuji told EMNnews.

Many emails were received on Thursday with Nigerians across the world pleading that the punishment far outweighs the  offence committed.

“I admire the strong laws of the Vietnam and it is true that what the Nigerian and his wife did was against the law. Why did the woman caught with the drug get a life sentence?. Why not for the Nigerian instead of death penalty. This is a clear case of racism. Why different verdicts? Am shocked!”, an enraged Nigerian wrote to EMNnews.

There were 80 death sentences and four executions last year in Vietnam, according to the tally. Most death sentences in the communist country are issued for drug and murder cases.

Michael Ikenna Nduanya, 34, confessed that he had visited Vietnam in 2008 and had met Nguyen Thi Hai Anh, 27, from Dak Lak Province and they had since lived together as husband and wife.



  1. I think we should stop blaming Nigerian govt for every crime Nigerians committed abroad…It’s not the government’s fault that the guy got himself involved in this crime and it will be unfair to blame the govt for the crime the guy committed. It’s very important for every Nigerians abroad to respect the law of the hosting nation and stop giving the law-abiding Nigerians all over the world bad names. I think the Nigerian govt is totally helpless in this matter because if I could remember, this same crime was committed by a British lady sometimes ago and she was sentenced to death as well…and got executed even upon all the pressures from the British govt. It’s their law in Vietnam to execute drug dealers, barons or pushers once caught no matter the quantity. I think we should all pray for the poor guy instead of blaming Nigerian govt!

  2. Like i said earlier, where there is no law there cant be any sin. Vietnamese laws has been existing before the young Nigerian started his business and im sure he knows that already, He knew the consequences of his actions. Instead of blaming the Vietnamese, i think we should rethink about whats going on in Nigeria, and lets find a way to rebuild Nigeria so that we can all make Nigeria better place and stop making a selfish, life changing decision that will go along and affect our life and the lives of our loved ones despite know the consequences. Its a pity that happened to him and his wife, we spray the Vietnamese and Nigerian government can work something out.

  3. I think Nigeria government will blame for this act, bcos of their bad government, every body is travelling abroad to survive, some travel with hope of legitimate business, but after failure of business due to one reason or other, instead to sit down hungry or begging, some decide to engage in this awful n dangerous act. when government dnt provide electricty, no job opportunity, house rent and food stuff in higher price rate, nothing government is doing in that country, they only care abt their pocket and their house and family, its bad cos Nigeria have the resources to sustain every body, i remember when Ghanians was every where in Nigeria, then after the then government change Ghana for better, they all leave n go back home, today you hardly see ghanians outside their country, same thing is what i expect Nigerians Government to do soon, what are all this house of Assembly, Rep and Ministers are doing in Nigeria Government. I remember Ngige , former Anambra state governor get ride of them, and Anambra change from one of the worst to one of the best, so Nigeria government have to act very fast to restore back the lost glory, anywhere you bring out Nigeria passport, every body will open his eyes like he has seen demon or criminal, no single respect at all, shame to Nigeria government, i have a great vision to this government, 1st provide 24 hrs electricity, bound any already made goods from China and co,. ask them to bring it to Nigeria and establish Industry or factory in Nigeria, doing this will bring so many employment opportunity and lot of work, Long live Federal Republic of Nigeria as you try your possible best to save this young man .

  4. Re: “Nigerian Government told: “Please save Michael Ikenna Nduanya’s life””:

    Ours and theirs´ opinion on the aforementioned matter hereinafter, should not prejudice authentic transcripts of the competent court? ruling on the aforementioned manner hereinafter; we do not have at the moment. For sake of law and public order.

    In the interim, Article 3, Article 10, Article 11, Article 20, Article 25, Article 28, Article 33, Article 34, Article 35, Article 45, Article 46, Article 47, Article 48, Article 49, Article 50, Article 53, Article 54, Article 63, Article 64, Article 192, Article 193, Article 194, Article 195, Article 196, and Article 197, of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam Criminal Code of 1999, are guides and benchmarks for evaluation of the competent court? ruling on the aforementioned matter hereinafter:

    Epicurus says: “Justice is a contract of expediency, entered upon to prevent men harming or being harmed.”; Article 1, of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, states: “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.”; Article 3, of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, states: “Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.”; Article 6 (1), (6), International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, states: “Every human being has the inherent right to life. This right shall be protected by law. No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his life.”; “Nothing in this article shall be invoked to delay or to prevent the abolition of capital punishment by any State Party to the present Covenant.”

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  5. U people should stop placing stupid comments. If that was your blood broda, you wouldnt say that. We all make mistakes and sin despite knowing the consequences. If he cannot be saved by the government, then d nigerian government is a disgrace to the world. Nigeria would nt do dat to a foreigner. Lets think and act wisely

  6. Wat he did ws wrong because he knows the law of the land why must he fall into dt mess my grandma use to tell me dt a sturbborn child wud always have or end up in a mysterious way dt wts happening to ds young lad, pls i wud use ds medium to plead wt d good people of Vietnan dt u should tender justice with mercy cos sometimes laws can be broken and amended pls do make ds history and we wud be glad u did, and also d govt should pls come to his aid and make negotiations with dt great country cos if he had done sometyn good he wud leave and be celebrated for life so pls we beg Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan to use his good office to rescue ds man,and as 4 his wife should be given number of years instead of life imprisonment.