Nigerians Abroad Urged to Engage in Nation Building To Ensure a Better Future For Posterity


Nigerians In the Diaspora have been advised to show more dedication to their home country through useful engagements and contribute positively to the current drive for a virile nation

Ekiti State governor, Dr Kayode Fayemi currently on an official visit to the United Kingdom enjoined Diasporians to take the issue of restructuring of Nigeria for a more viable society very seriously because there is no place like one’s home.

Delivering a keynote address at the Chatham House in London on Tuesday  titled,The Challenge of Change: Democracy and Development in Ekiti State, Nigeria, he spoke extensively on various topics on national issues.
During the interactive session, Dr Fayemi explained that it is always a life time experience to be empowered as having lived abroad.

He traced the history of how he was  resident  in the UK adding that he used his immense experience and knowledge to engage in politics in Nigeria pushing aside all obstacles and barriers especially the pride and arrogance which he claimed are always common with many Nigerians living abroad.

“I spent about 15 years in London. I was even  tagged a foreigner or Tokunbo in Ekiti state but broke through the barrier  convincing  my people that I am always one of them”, he said.

He continued: ”It is a pride of every parent that their child has the ambition of living abroad, wishing them to come  back with proceeds and fresh ideas of such journey to improve the lives of his people.”

According to him, the integration opened the way for his opportunity of  contesting to be governor Ekiti  state governor.

He advised:” Nigerians in Diaspora must serve their country with humility and dedication.They must shun arrogance and pride especially the notion that  because they have lived abroad for many years that they are better in generating  ideas than Nigerians living in Nigeria. If they have such notion, they will be ignored and sidelined”.

He however advised that Nigerians abroad must strive to use their exposure and experience to impact on the life and livings of the people in their home country, state and in the locality.

Governor Fayemi claimed his provision  for social security services for the elderly people in Ekiti State has opened the eyes of many state governments who may follow his idea, conceived to be the first ever in the history of Nigeria. The service since has been the right of every over-65 who are given a sum of £5000 every month.

He assured that the state has just begun to experience progress, development and social enhancement adding that he has constituted a body to understudy the rapid development in Lagos State  Governor Babatunde Fashola. He also said he had taken a cue from the public  accessibility  to health services of Ondo state government under Dr Olusegun Mimiko, which he said was worth emulating.

Dr Fayemi vowed to throw his weight behind every move for the  South West of Nigeria regional integration, claiming every sons and daughters of the region must take such dream as a priority   regardless of any political party affiliation.

He spoke passionately about his stated plan to  embark or large scale agricultural development in the state claiming the state has every opportunity being geographically well placed in the country.

“ Ekiti state is midway to both Abuja and Lagos.We are just about 5 hours drive from both market zones which we are ready to explore”

Dare Lasisi, London