No More Yahoozee Hari Best escaped rape in Nigeria?

Harri Best - Mr No More Yahoozee
Harri Best - Mr No More Yahoozee

Adetokunbo Moradeyo a.k.a Hari Best, the handsome dude who stormed the industry with his No More Yahoozee song had more than what he bargained for recently.

The artist who graduated from old school to the new generation squad of musicians in the United Kingdom recently suffered humiliation from the hands of some local ladies in Nigeria.

He fell victim of some ambitious ladies who attempted to have a taste of his libido but failed in their adventure.

According to informed sources, Hari ran for cover having overpowered three eves who attempted to rape him in a friends house. The ladies were said to be students of Ogun state University(OSU).

As the story goes, Hari was said to have visited the friend who resides in Magodo Estate. He met three ladies during the visit who had visited the friend on the same day and a rapport ensued. They had been dazzled by his unique style and wanted more to remember him for.

Few hours after their conversation, their host left to attend  a meeting in Maryland,  in the Mainland area of Lagos, claiming he would be back soon to continue with their day- long fun.

As soon as the friend left, the ladies allegedly locked  Harri  in behind the door and attempted to do ‘Justice’ to his most cherished pocession of his body, attempting to engage him in toy play.

He was said to have sensed a rape attempt as the girls undressed and cavorted him forcefully.

Ladies man Hari, with Eves in London Town.
Ladies man Hari, with Eves in London Town.

Though, Hari was said to have escaped the rape attempt by ‘divine intervention’, no one, however can state the real side of the story because Hari, we learnt, left the venue without his shoes or under wears on. What a world!

“If you think you are too little to make an impact, then you haven’t been in bed with a mosquito”, so claimed Hari’s popular quote as indicated on his Facebook page.

Hari’s experience no doubt surpassed his quote as he made a big impact proving to the ladies  he was not a walk-over.

Congrats Hari for exploring your old gym expertise by overcoming the devil’s messengers.

*HARRI BEST was born in London to Nigerian parents and  grew up with the strong influences of Western music& African influences, hence the strong percussive &groove orientation in his very rich  music.

He was a distinctive sight in the early nineties while a very regular sight with the African Video Centre with his unique mode of dressing.

Over the years Harri Best has done shows in many European countries such as Sweden Germany, Holland, France and many more.

He has also done successful  shows across United Kingdom and has never lost his African identity despite his long spell in Europe.