Libya Crisis: Gaddafi says nation is victim of aggressors from outside and internal traitors

Libya and neighbour countries

Mahmoud Ghadafi addressing a crowd of supporters at a political revolutionary anniversary event day has played down the crisis in Libya claiming the uprising was the handi-work  of terrorists.

He said the insurrections currently going on are the handiwork of outskirt villagers who had been infiltrated by some foreign influences.

According to him,Libya has been a victim of aggressors which include Al Qeada carrying out killings in some outskirt cities to create unrest.

Gaddafi said Al Qeada operators are infiltrating into the country molesting and harassing people into submission, taking over military bases and ammunitions depots after those manning them are requested to flee from attacks by his government to avoid molestation and killing from the assailants.

The Libya leader claimed that many youths had been recruited to create troubles and those youths had been brainwashed and their ignorance played on.

He said there were peaceful demonstrations going on anywhere but aggressors acting through outside influences, launching attacks on oil installations and public places.

Mahmoud Gaddafi

According to him, Many military barracks  were ordered to be abandoned by those manning them in order to avoid killings and carnage.

He alleged that many top military personnel were harassed into submission while many were killed together with their family members.

Gaddafi’s address however has debunked reports of a major square up between forces loyal to the leader and the rebel forces.

Moamoud Gaddafi however explained that circumstances of air attack on some barracks was caused by Libyan authority discouraging the protesters from laying their hands on ammunitions of many of the abandoned barracks and their ammunition depots.

Reports of  seizures and counter seizures of cities by rebel soldiers and troops loyal to Gaddafi had rumored circumstances of war.

Western press reports that anti-Gaddafi forces have continuously celebrated the fact that Libyan rebels have  been firmly in charge of eastern Libya up to oil rich  Brega, and some areas beyond, since shortly after anti-government protests erupted in the middle of last month.

Brega, about 200 kilometres south of the opposition stronghold of Benghazi, is a major oil terminal and a major strategic asset for whoever controls it.

Rebel officers confirmed the town had been recaptured, while Al Jazeera reported warplanes bombed Ajdabiyah, a town in the same area where rebels control a military base and arms dump.

The battle is still going on. People in Benghazi are nervous and are preparing for what may be an attack on the city as Mr Gaddafi continues to reject calls to stand down and his forces try to regain areas held by the opposition.

There are reports that his troops have retaken Gharyan and Sabratha in the country’s northwest

But on Tuesday rebel forces fought off elite units who tried to retake the town of Zawiya near Tripoli.

Libya Map

The United States has said Libya could sink into civil war unless Mr Gaddafi ends his four-decade rule amid fears the uprising, the bloodiest yet against long-serving rulers in the Middle East, could cause a humanitarian crisis.

Western powers continue to argue over imposing a proposed no-fly zone over Libya, as the US moves two warships through the Suez Canal on their way to waters off Libya.

Two amphibious assault ships, USS Kearsarge, which can carry 2,000 Marines, and USS Ponce, entered the Suez Canal en route to the Mediterranean. The destroyer USS Barry moved through the Suez Canal on Monday.

Arab League foreign ministers are due to meet on Wednesday at an extraordinary session in Cairo and are expected to reinforce their condemnation of Mr Gaddafi.

Some delegates want the meeting to underline the League’s unwillingness to see foreign intervention in Libya.

The repositioning of US ships and aircraft closer to Libya is widely seen as a symbolic show of force since neither the US nor its NATO allies have shown any appetite for direct military intervention in the turmoil that has seen Mr Gaddafi lose control of large swaths of his country.

Refugee emergency


Libya is no longer only an internal crisis but also a refugee emergency. At least 140,000 people have fled and thousands more are trying to get out.

Italy said it was sending a humanitarian mission to Tunisia to provide food and medical aid to as many as 10,000 people who had fled violence in Libya on its eastern border.

About 70,000 people have passed through the Ras Jdir border post in the past two weeks, and many more of the hundreds of thousands of foreign workers in Libya are expected to follow.

The UN refugee agency said the situation on the Libya-Tunisia border was reaching crisis point as desperate expatriate workers pour across, fearful of a bloody rearguard action by diehard regime elements.

Anger at authoritarian Arab regimes in the Middle East and North Africa raged from Algeria to Yemen and has spread to the previously unaffected Gulf states of Kuwait and Oman, unnerving financial markets around the world.

The UN General Assembly has also taken the unprecedented step of suspending Libya from the United Nations Human Rights Council.

The resolution, passed by consensus by the entire UN membership, accuses Libya of committing gross and systematic violations of human rights.


Source: ABC News.



  1. They ARE in Civil War! They HAVE been in Civil War since the first shots were aimed at their own protesters. How fucked up has the world become through carte-blanche, laissez-faire corporate self interests and attitudes towards what is RIGHT and WRONG dictating a Nation’s interest on the public stage. Either the entire world governments redefine what constitutes a “people” or “nation” and the powers that are supposedly elected to represent them., and govern our interests accordingly.

    Look at North Korea last year. Last time I checked, sinking another country’s naval vessel constituted a LEGITIMATE Act of War!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And yet we continue to piss around in “talks”!!!!!!!!!

    We REALLY have to get back to basics here; no corporate interests allowed. All they have shown are treasonable associations and ulterior motives which do NOT reflect the welfare of their host nation’s people but themselves! And to cite a phrase “Damn the Torpedoes” “Full Speed Ahead”!!!!!