NTP topshot, Dele Okenla joins Action Congress Nigeria?

    Mr Dele Okenla

    The London based political youth motivator and National Transformation Party stalwart, Mr Dele Okenla has carpet-crossed  to Action  Congress of Nigeria(ACN), ditching his old political Party, the National Transformation Party,  EMNnews can reveal.

    An indication to this effect was revealed recently when his name came up during a discussion in ACN circle in London.

    He was quoted as saying that he was happier to retrace his root and want to fully participate in politics in an  higher capacity and with a more acceptable and credible political party.

    Mr Okenla was a huge catch for NTP, the political party under which he contested in the last election as a Senatorial candidate in Ogun State East Senatorial district.

    He lost gallantly and had since claimed that his weight in the last election has fired up more his political ambition and interest for the future.

    The young idealistic political youth messenger  won so many hearts prior to last election, campaigning vigorously for NTP, the political party under which he traveled to Ogun State for networling and house to house campaign.

    When contacted, Mr Okenla told EMNnews that he would not confirm or deny adding that in politics, no permanent friends and no permanent enemies.

    “Over the past few months, I have wrestled with my conscience. I have evaluated my shortcomings and taken note of my personal weaknesses. I have considered all options and come to the same conclusion time and time again. It is better to fall with the angels than to fly with the devils. National Transformation Party on my mind”, Mr Okenla wrote on his facebook wall during the week.

    A close associate of the amiable young politician referred to the quotation as having said it all.

    The highly philosophical youth politician is well known for his somewhat sophisticated voice of reason quotes. He has made a name as a man filled with spiritual principle of self control and fire up inspirational speeches for the young and old. He has a sizable political followership, with many of his fans spread across the world.

    Mr Okenla

    In one of his quotes, he had wrtten,:” In an era of uncertainty and political turbulence in Nigeria, DELE OKENLA represents stability, peace, and progress. He believes in a welfarist and transparent government. He places a very strong emphasis on Health, Law & Order, and Employment issues, a philisophy he believes runs along Action Congress ideology..

    Even though he refuses to confirm, many who know him told EMNnews that already, he has been dining with the Angels, apparently referring to ACN.

    He said he would make a statement about it later.