Nurse is caught using sink as toilet


An American care nurse has been caught urinating in her patient’s sink and using the later as toilet.

The New Jersey nurse was caught on camera doing her act  in a kitchen sink at the private home where she was caring for a disabled toddler, police has revealed.

Kassandra Fields-Ralph, 38, of Perth Amboy was arrested on Tuesday and is awaiting to be charged for acts of indecency, The Newark Star-Ledger has reported.

She faces further charges of lewdness, child endangerment and theft, South Brunswick Police Sgt. James Ryan said.

Fields-Ralph had been working for the family since February. Ryan said the parents recently set up a nannycam — a surveillance camera used to monitor the actions of caregivers — because they had become suspicious of the nurse and caught her on tape stealing food and, on three occasions, using the sink as a toilet.

The parents say she had habitually stolen from the house, making away with  books, liquor and clothes.