Obama Derangement Syndrome And The Right Winghing Fringe Lunatics


With the US presidential elections a week from now, the Obama ‘derangement syndrome’ from the right wing lunatic fringe has assumed intoxicating myth, full of defective intelligence and buffoonery.

A new dawn of political civilization of our era was ushered in with the election of President Barack Obama as the first African American to occupy the White House. The flame lit then is a roaring furnace today.

The divine nature of his election was aptly summarized by one of the bulwarks of the Civil Rights movement, Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga) when he said “Sometimes great things just happen, and we can’t explain it.”

Mr. Obama’s election as the first African descent to win the presidency of the most powerful country in the world momentarily collides and intersects the trajectory and treacherous race relations in America.

It marked the breaking down of ancient barriers of prejudice and white exclusiveness in the White House. The election of Mr. Obama was hailed as American exceptionalism.

Many believed that the victory of Mr. Obama signified the death of racism in America or at least it is on the way out. But how wrong they are! We’re not free at last, not yet!

Though the forms of racism may have changed, but the same antagonism and open enmity still exist and will continue to manifest to the end of Obama’s administration and long after he’s vacated the White House.

He had hardly settled down in the White House than the smearing deluge keeps coming like a dissident stream. Since being in the Oval Office, Mr. Obama has been pestered, peppered, and even pulverized by racial antagonism and unmerited racial slurs never before experienced by any American president. For Mr. Obama as a Black man, the White House has been a great burden.

This belligerence bigotry has been sponsored and perpetuated by all sects and factions within the Republican Party from Tea Party to culture warriors.

Fox News better yet, Fixed/Forged News, with a parade of crude dropout idiots as hosts such as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Glenn Beck and other conservative writers on the trash tabloids of the right wingers openly profess their hatred for Mr. Obama.

With a couple of days to go for the November presidential elections, the visceral racial slurs have assumed a strident tone. The bigots are having a field day.

Members of the Republican Party GOP, (Group Opposed to People) and its media outfit have turned the president into what columnist E.J. Deion of the Washington Post called “object of the most extraordinary paranoid fantasies.”

These hallucinating brainless right wingers say the president is a Muslim as if it is a sin or taboo to be a Muslim. Like retired Secretary of State, Colin Powell once remarked in NBC’s Meet the Press interview in 2008 some months to the election: “What if he’s a Muslim?”

Others in the dysfunctional right wing camp believe he’s a secularist who wages war on religion. Yet, some of the conservative sickos see Mr. Obama as an elitist product of the best Ivy League college that money could buy.

Few samples from right wing Obama haters and bashers will suffice:

The thrice divorced psycho ideologue Newt Gingrich, foaming on both sides of his mouth cast disparaging aspersions on the intellectual acuteness and moral strength of our president.

god-like exaltation, Limbaugh represents an anarchic rebel with a misplaced identity.

He has exhausted all derogatory names and appellations under the sun to dehumanize President Obama. His tiresome emotions to paint the president for what he’s not, making him a mad man desperately in need of a specialist.

There is no difference between Limbaugh’s mind and brain: both lack quality and arrangement. His misplaced facts, misplaced humanity, misplaced vituperations and misplaced guilt are anchored in an IQ of a chimpanzee.

The Republicans thirst for vengeance and conspiracy mongers’ hatred were further stimulated by the progressive and populist programs of the president. Their bleared eyes could not endure the brilliancy and successes of Mr. Obama.

Employing sophistry and fraud too horrible for pen to trace, the right fringe lunatics have exhausted possible Hitler metaphors with which they compare President Obama.

With a few days to go to the polls, prepare your mind for primitive verbal fireworks and breathtaking slander to label Obama with toxic fumes of bigotry.

The acclaimed party of “family values” under the cloak of pretended Christianity is disguised in sacerdotal garments. The GOP’s obstinate nakedness of shielding the bigots tells a lot about its lip service to diversity, equality, fairness, and justice for all.

How do we explain the paradox of GOP? A party that glows in the monopoly of Christian virtues and “family values” is antithetical to everything that is of divine and moral truths.

The GOP as a great obstructionist party is anti-women, anti-equal pay, anti-minimum wage, anti-universal health, anti-social safety nets, anti-labor, anti-teachers, nurses, fire fighters, anti-immigrants, anti-poor, anti-people, anti-affordable and accessible education, anti everything human and compassionate.

Their prescription for the sluggish economy is a familiar rant – tax cuts for the rich and deregulation, abolish the minimum wage, cut student loans, repeal “Obama care,” ship jobs overseas, don’t give a damn Detroit could go bankrupt, cut social safety net programs for the poor and the needy, voucherize Medicare/Medicaid, throw 47% of Americans overboard.

It’s a party of cut, cut, cut, and no, no, no!

The Republicans are so out of touch with the people you wonder which planet they live on. On one hand, they complain of “big government,” on the other they want to regulate and regiment what goes on in the female body. What an irony, they themselves are employed by “big government” drawing fat checks every payday.

Their obsessive attacks on the female body show them as men of unsound judgment and undisciplined passions. It also reveals their counterfeit holiness and spurious sanctification.

The Republican presidential candidate Mitt or better yet Myth (as a friend calls him) Romney and his running mate Ryan Paul are as amusing as comical. Ryan’s appearance resembles a child being brought to amuse the adults.

Addressing the seniors at a campaign rally in Florida, Ryan was hilariously booed as he struggled feverishly to tamper and twist the facts and figures of President Obama’s Medicaid/Medicare plan.

Romney’s lies and misrepresentations are proved fallibility of self induced amnesia popularly referred to by President Obama as “Romnesia.” The “Romnesia” factor makes this year’s presidential debates so entertaining and so amusing.

It was a modern American political miracle when President Obama was elected in 2008.

President Obama deserves a second term. If Americans will consider his records and vote their conscience, he’ll win re-election with a landslide victory. But if he’s not re-elected, then the reason simply will be because he’s not “one of their own,” and the GOP’s priority agenda to deny his second term would have been fulfilled.

By Bayo Oluwasanmi   Email: byolu@aol.com