ODD BUT TRUE-Woman Crushes Hubby’s Testicles In Anger Killing Him


ODD BUT TRUE; The Other Side Of Our Real World-An aggrieved pregnant woman killed her husband when the later die from serious pains suffered afer hi testicle was crushed in a fight.

Tragedy struck  in Aguleri, Anambra East Local Government Area of Anambra State, Nigeria when the  pregnant woman  carrying a five months old pregnancy took laws into her hands as she accused the husband of having an affair with another lady outside of the marriage.
It was a case of double tragedy for the family however  as a friend who took him to  the hospital mortuary got  killed in a fatal accident-just a day after his friend’s death. He got involved inan accident  along Otuocha-Adani Road, close to the community where they all lived.

NIgeria Police ForceIncidentally, Governor Willie Obiano of Anambra State hails from the community where the tragedy struck.

According to The Sun Newspapers, a family confirmed that  the middle aged couple (name withheld) had been heard having altercations just before bedtime on the previous night.

The woman, carrying five months old pregnancy accused the husband of having an affair with another lady outside.

However, trouble erupted when they both went to bed as the woman was insisting to put up with her husband on the same bed on that night as they both share different rooms in their flat.

She allegedly heated up the argument over the philandering and during the argument, she opted for the man’s most precious possession holding his testicles and crushing it with an object held in her hand. The mas was said to have screamed of serious pain before eventually giving up  as a result of the agony suffered.
The victim’s friend, an Okada rider who was alerted as neighbours intervene during the altercation opted to rescue the friend but the victim died as he was being given first aid.

The tragedy however doubled as the friend (name withheld), a commercial motorcycle rider, after leading a group of friends to deposit the victims’ body in a local mortuary in Onitsha  himself got involved in a fatal accident while going to work the following day, hit by a hit-and-run driver. He died instantly.

The Onitsha Area Police Commander, Mr. Philip Ezekiel, an Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), confirming the report described the incident as but did not give details.

Weird NewsDead body Missing from Funeral Company cold room

The burial of a 55-year-old woman has been put on hold after it was discovered the body of the victim was missing from Funeral Director’s treatment parlour. Mrs. Ayoka Buhari,  had died of an undisclosed ailment after a brief illness in her home located in  Mowe area of Ogun State.

Following complete preparation for her burial, the management TOS Funerals, which manages a local morgue in the Gbagada General Hospital in Lagos was approached for the collection of the woma’s body for onward burial.

As the family arrived, for the corpse around 8am on the burial day, the body was missing from the treatment parlor,

According to a PUNCH Newspaper report,  the corpse had been mistakenly swapped for another.

A relative, Folorunsho Adeoluwa, expressed his disbelief, expressing his sadness over the gaff.

He  threatened  legal action against the owners of TOS Funeral Company. Adeoluwa said the mother of four had died on Wednesday, October 14, 2015 following a brief illness and had been deposited for care at the morgue.

He said: “The family was asked to come for the corpse at 8.30am today (Thursday), but when we got there, we discovered that they were not ready for us. Later, they said the woman’s husband must show up before they release her corpse.

“Her daughter, however, insisted on seeing the corpse. They brought out a corpse and she raised the alarm that it was not her mother.”

Mrs.-Ayoka-BuhariHowever, a worker at the Funeral Company who identified himself as Femi, however owne up for the company that  there was a problem of mistaken identity as the corpse was wrongly tagged and given to another man, who lost his wife.

It was however shocking that on tracing of the husband of the other victim with whom the body had been swapped, the deceased’s husband and other family members who had rushed down to Matori, Mushin, residence got the shock of their life as the body had been buried.

The missing woman’s husband said: “The man said he had buried his wife and he could not exhume her body unless the family showed him the picture of the corpse they have in the mortuary.

“We all rushed back to the morgue and took a picture of the corpse that the hospital wanted to give us. The woman’s husband has not returned from the place,” Adeoluwa added.

PUNCH Metro was told around 4pm that the first family had identified the photo of the corpse as theirs, but it had not been established if the buried one was that of Mrs. Buhari.

A relative, Deborah Ogunfowora, berated morgue managers for being “careless.”

She added that the family had paid all the money for the one week the deceased stayed in the facility.

The spokesperson for the morgue, identified simply as Olumide, said the corpse had been found and the family was going for the burial around 7pm.

Source: Punch.