Of Babangida, Nigeria, and the future of nation’s destiny!

Ibrahim Babangida
Babangida, visioning a new era of desportism and political meandering?

The news is all over the place.

Nigerian newspapers have been reporting the plan and plot of former dictator and self styled evil genius, Mr. Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida to contest the next presidential election.

Recent news items in Nigerian newspapers reported that posters of IBB are said to flood Osun State even as the man who annulled the June 12 1993 elections that was Nigeria’s freest and fairest and created a logjam and anarchy in Nigeria that lasted nearly one decade has not come to terms with his demons and the destructions he caused.

It was said that IBB was consulting with leaders across the geo-political regions of the nation, but it is obvious that Ibrahim Babangida is not consulting with anyone; he is a trailer who thinks he can load anything he wishes, throw his garbage at the nation and walk away with whatever he pleases.

The debacle made by Ibrahim Badamosi babangida and his crude rule of force are still very fresh in our memory and the pains, destructions, deaths, murders and plunder that IBB supervised and inflicted on the masses of Nigeria cannot be quickly swept under the carpet or forgotten so quickly.

I am not even sure if Babangida is qualified to run for any elective post in the land. He only stepped aside from his dictatorship and his records preclude him from holding any elective post in Nigeria.

Babangida has destroyed the lives of many Nigerians and recklessly plunged the nation into darkness and destruction.

Babangida, laughing Nigeria to scorn
Babangida, laughing Nigeria to scorn

How could we as a people wait and stand aside while this soldier of fortune is allowed to return to complete the destruction he started? If Nigeria is not a joke and a laughing stock, the likes of Ibrahim Babangida should be spending time in jail and paying generous price for the anarchy he caused. He should even be held and tried for the abuse of human rights of hundreds of citizens, particularly human rights campaigners and journalists.

IBB contributed in no small measures to the early demise of Dr. Beko Ransome-Kuti and Chief Gani Fawehinmi. Ordinarily healthy and strong men, he harassed, detained and imprisoned these men for daring to challenge his lawlessness and abuse of due process.

IBB has done so much damage to our people and nation. He is the most unfit and unqualified person to contest. He is so unsuitable that he lacks the mental ability and mental well-being to lead a local government.

He was solely behind the drift of Nigerian intellectuals overseas and the loss of hundreds of Nigerian doctors and nurses to the Middle East. IBB plunged Nigeria into darkness and despite the huge windfall from the sale of crude oil during the first Gulf War, a windfall of more than $12 billion; Nigeria was turned into a debtor nation without basic necessities of life.

The extra income from the sale of crude oil during that war and the billions made from the regular price of crude all vanished under Ibrahim Babangida. He generally took the nation for a ride, and nothing worked during his reign of terror.

The IBB years were years of the locust, of poverty and the disappearance of the middle class.

IBB eliminated the middle class and left the nation in dare strait. He disobeyed court orders, he detained innocent people without just cause, he plundered the nation’s treasury, he broke lives and destroyed families. He denied the winner of the June 12 election his mandate and chose to put the nation through a rough and terrible time. If IBB is too deluded to realize that he is irrelevant and unwanted, it is our duty to let him know that he is the last person wanted anywhere near Aso Rock.

For more than two years IBB and his government locked Nigerian universities and made life unbearable for lecturers and ASUU. The Nigerian educational system is yet to recover from the brigandage and destruction IBB inflicted on it.

Students were sent home, many died on the way home, and several others lost their lives during the needless closure of universities and polytechnics. I have always maintained that IBB should be taken to the Hague to face trials for crimes against humanity for the series of killings and blood letting that took place during his years as dictator.

All the dictators in Latin America have been brought to book, but IBB has not been made to account for his crimes, hence his boldness to contemplate taking political office and trying to take over the nation again.

Hillary Clinton, should stay away from the evil genius.

I have read reports that agents of the United States of America have visited Ibrahim Babangida at his Minna house.

Whatever it is that the Americans discussed with IBB during their secret meeting it should be made clear to the evil genius that he will no longer play any role in the running of the affairs of Nigerians.

It is in his best interest to keep away from the seat of power and for his American backers to have a rethink. America will be jeopardizing its not-so-cordial relationship with Nigeria and Nigerians by secretly or openly supporting IBB’s presidential project.

The world is now so small that nothing is hidden or kept secret for any more than a few hours. The Americans should be careful not to join forces with IBB against the Nigerian people.

We hope President Barack Obama will ensure that the CIA stay clear of the affairs of Nigeria and not interfere in the affairs of a free nation.

As a people we must all make it clear to Mr. Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida that he is an enemy of the people, an unwanted man; a man merely tolerated by the masses of the people of Nigeria who will prefer that he stay away from the affairs of their nation for good.

Put away your posters and get real, Mr. Babangida.

You need to know that things have changed and the world has also changed; no more room for dictators. I guess the battle line is drawn between the masses of our nation and IBB.

From Babs Ajayi(Babsajayi@yahoo.com)
Gatineau, Quebec, Canada


  1. Thanks so much for this eyes opener . most Nigerian youth do not know these, some ignorantly says that we should stop talking about him, but we need to orientate Nigerian youth who do not know that the hardship they are facing today was introduced by IBB and we need to warn Nigerian new generation about this devil incarnate. If it will cost him to import foreigner and nationalized them overnight so as to use them for voting him in, he can do worse than that. He turn the then known cities of Nigerian to villages. Nigerian should watch out.

  2. Just as the pastor mentioned above, our folks back home need to be informed about this evil man called Babangida…This is the man that single-handedly destroyed our nation because of greediness. He frustrated many of our young, energetic, bright, brilliant, and ever-ready professionals to leave their country for abroad. The blood of those Babangida murdered while in office will surely come back to hunt him …Nigerians shine your eyes, dont give this man any chance of going to Aso Villa!