Oil Subside removal: Mass rally planned for London on Friday Jan 6.


Nigerians in the Diaspora is to hold a massive rally in London in protest against the oil subsidy removal on Friday.

The London Metropolitan Police has granted the rally to be held in what has been described as the forceful imposition of oil subsidy removal by International Monetry Fund, which the organisations claimed has subjected Nigerians into untold harship and sentencing the nation to gradual death,

Two major organisations  Nigerian Students In Diaspora and Nigerians In Diaspora have called on members to be  available on Friday and converge at London Charing Cross Station where the picketing will commence.

“We urge Nigerians to come out ‘en masse’ to protest against  this insensitive and irresponsible Nigerian government to kow tow to such reckless of big powers’ demand.

“Nigerians and friends of Nigerians are being urged to come out in their numbers to voice their angst against the  the government” a press release from the organisations  said.

Date: Friday 6th, January 2012
Venue: London Charing Cross Station
Time: 12:30

Nigeria's flying flag

Champion for Nigeria Organisation, in another statement  expressed  support for  the rally orghing Nigerians ina separate statement to save Nigeria from an impending catastrophic crisis