Olaitan Oyerinde Murder: It was robbery

Mr Olaitan Oyerinde

The killing of the former aide to the Edo state governor, Mr Olaitan Oyerinde last May was robbery related and not politically motivated, it has emerged.

Olaitan, the Principal Secretary to Governor Adams Oshiomhole was murdered on  May 4 this year during a robbery operation.

Edo state governor Adams Oshiomhole had accused the state opposition Peoples Democratic Party as   motivating the killing.

But it emerged on Wednesday during a Press Conference that the former Principal Secretary  was marked for assassination because he was thought to be  influentially and materially comfortable, thereby being marked down by robbers.

According to the SSS spokesperson, Marilyn Ogar, the head security man to the former aide had consistently boasted of Oyerinde’s influence in government.

The careless statements by the  security man’s was the sell-out link  that motivated a major robbery which led to the death of the former governor’s aide.

The sources claimed that the murdered top Edo government official was perceived by the criminals who killed him as being influentially comfortable and a good target for attack for robbery.

“Careless statements made by Ali Ihade, the security guard of the late Oyerinde, at various times about his master’s position in government, attracted the attention of the prime suspect, Mohammed Ibrahim Abdullahi,” the SSS spokesperson, Marilyn Ogar, said on Tuesday while parading six suspects found culpable in the murder.

Mr. Oyerinde was killed in his house in Benin, Edo state on May 4.

The paraded  suspects are Mohammed Abdullahi, Raymond Origbo, Chikezie Edeh (who claimed to be a deportee from France), Saidu Yakubu (aka Imam), Sani Abubakar and Hassan Bashiru.

Nigeria SSS

Ms. Ogar listed some of the items stolen from the deceased as four Blackberry phones, one ipad, two galaxy pads, one laptop, a wedding ring, and an unspecified sum of money belonging to Oyerinde’s brother-in-law, Adeyinka Oletubo.”

The SSS deputy director stated that three of the suspects were directly responsible for the murder while the other three associates are accomplices who are “habitual buyers of stolen items.”

“Comrade Olaitan Oyerinde was murdered in cold blood by the trio of Mohammed Ibrahim Abdullahi, Raymond Onajite Origbo, and Chikezie Edeh,” she said.

Olitan and Oshiomhole

“On the day of the robbery, Abdullahi specifically instructed other gang members to tie up Ihade before they entered Comrade Oyerinde’s residence so that Ihade will not see his face.

Ms. Ogar explained that Mr. Oyerinde was shot and killed by the prime suspect, Mohammed Abdullahi, when the deceased ran into his bedroom and attempted to go underneath his bed.

“Abdullahi said he believed Comrade Oyerinde was reaching out for a gun under the bed and therefore shot him,” she said.

She said the murder weapons, comprising three guns, used during the robbery have been recovered; while the suspects would be handed to the police for prosecution.

My colleague killed Oyerinde

A mild drama was added to the killing of Mr. Oyerinde when one of the suspects claimed that while he only shot the deceased, his partner in crime did the actual killing.

“I am not the one who killed him (Oyerinde). I only pulled the trigger when the man ran to his bedroom,” Mr. Origbo said. “Abdullahi went back to the man’s window and shot three times saying he thought he was trying to bring out a gun underneath his bed.”

The killing of Mr. Oyerinde heated the political atmosphere in Edo, as Mr. Oshiomhole accused the opposition Peoples Democratic Party of masterminding the murder.