Ooni-Elect Ogunwusi: 21-Day Traditional Rites Commence In Ile-Ife


Ooni-Elect Ogunwusi: 21-Day Traditional Rites Commence In Ile-Ife-The spiritual traditional rites that normally associates with  the installation of one of Yoruba Nation’s first class ruler, Ooni Of Ife has commenced in Ile-Ife, after the oracle had confirmed Prince Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi as the new  choice following the demise of Oba Okunade Sijuade Olubushe (11) last July.

In about 21 day time, the  Ooni-elect of Ife Kingdom, thtraditional cradle of Yoruba creation would officially be crowned and ushered into his new stool as a leader of Ife Kingdom in particular and Yoruba race in general.

The Ooni-elect Ogunwusi coronation will hold  after the completion of the associating ritual rites which goes along his personal tutoring as the leader of a the people attaining a new pedestal of elder statesmanship as official traditional ambassador and representative of the Yoruba Race, spread across the World.

On Monday, Prince Adeyeye Eniitan Ogunwusi’s identity was unveiled and his picture released to the public for the first time, after the god’s had confirmed him as the beloved son with which Oduduwa and other ancestors’ of Yoruba race are well pleased. Already,  Ife Kingmakers has confirmed that the Go’ds have spoken, denying any claim of fraudulent process, as alleged by another royal family.

The Laadin of Ife Traditional Council, Chief Adetoye Olatunde Odewole who supervised the god’s choice as processed and  conducted traditionally debunks any wrong doing during the process. He denied that any rancor had ensued after the choice.

Sooko Adeleke Adewoyin of the Lafogido ruling house in his reaction had  described Ogunwusi’s selection as “faulty and fraudulent”, saying the ruling House would soon make public its stand-point over Ogunwusi’s choice.

Ife Traditional CouncilIfe traditional Council head,  Odewole speaking to reporters when confronted for interview just close to the hall of the Ooni’s palace maintained: “We followed due process by using the 1980 Ife Chieftaincy Declaration after the passed-on Oba Sijuade was picked that after the Olubushe’s demise, a candidate from the Giesi Ruling House should pick up the ruling baton. By that declaration which is in line with traditional precedence, Giesi family must produce the new Ooni  after the passing into the other World of Oba Okunade Sijuwade”.

He also disclosed that as Yoruba tradition allows, the Council consulted Ifa oracle in the presence of us who are in contest of the Ooni -elect.

He said following the completion of the procedure, all the 14 kingmakers unanimously voted for the candidacy of Prince Ogunwusi”.

Installation rites for the Ooni-elect Ogunwusi  has already begun in the ancient town of Ife with the entire city in celebration mood.

Ooni-elect Ogunwusi is 40 years of age and his installation will usher-in the 51st Ooni of Ife after Oba Okunade  Sijuade, being the 50th.

Official State confirmation and formal presentation to the World was made early on Monday October 26, 2015,  by the Osun State government which issued a statement and official letter following the kingmakers’ recommendation.

Ooni-Elect Ogunwusi: Will be corronated in 21 days after his ancestral spiritual journey is completed

Ooni-elect Ogunwusi has already arrived from his current abode back to Ile Ife for the commencement of his traditional rites and spiritual journey with his ancestor going into seclusion.

He would be moving to Ilofi, where he would be in seclusion for days and starting the 21-day ritual honour that will terminate on the day of his installation.

Already, there is advance preparation going on in Ilofi for Ooni-elect’s new traditional transformation.

To many Yoruba indigenes across the World, his choice has been heart gladdening  with thousands of goodwill messages criss-crossing in the social media. His lovers across the World continue to offer prayers and praising his courage to ascend his ancestors stool despite his young age and a blossoming social life.

“As a young ruler, he is very handsome, exhumes strong personality, love, courage, humility and positivism”, claims an admirer on the social network, Facebook.

Many other respondents have portrayed him as new era in the history of Yoruba’s traditional rulers’ modern choice as the World moves in new social advancement.

“He will stir the World as an authority and would enhance Yoruba’s image as a modern ruler and good model of life positive change”, claims another respondent.

However, a section of the public has called on Ife Kingmakers to keep all the current initiation of the Ooni-elect secret in the spirit of culture and tradition, claiming that his current over exposure may not be inline with our rich culture and also in the interest of his current challenges as he is already due for traditionally inherited  spiritual seclusion”.

According to Ibukun Ogunsina: “As a Yoruba man conscious of traditions and as someone ready to defend it from degenerating, Ooni-elect Ogunwusi’s initiation picture being made public is too exposing.

The new Ooni elect should be cautioned and warned against allowing for free pictures by excited lovers and close associates”. He is now our Royal father and must be treated as such.  Mr Ogunsina advised that Ooni-elect Ogunwusi should be disallowed from parading himself as a 21st century celebrity as it is defective and grossly improper for pictures of the custodian of one of the revered stool in the Yoruba kingdom to be doing a sort of Kim Kadarshian celebrity style-show”.

“Right now Ooni-elect Enitan should be secluded from public while undergoing spiritual initiations, cleansing and indoctrination as Yoruba customs demands” adding, “In short he should be under the tutelage of “Baba Oba” and in serious reflective mood”.