Orgasm-25 Foreplay Ideas Your Man Will Love


Glueing? O yes. Make fun having a stressless exercise.
Glueing? O yes. Make fun having a stressless exercise.

Orgasm-25 Foreplay Ideas Your Man Will Love- Sex can be a very exciting life experience;  fulfilling, achieving and even as much tantalizing. But many in the  process of satisfying their partners fall short of expectations as they have no clues as to what to do to  them.  No questions about the fact that we all learn from the experience of others.  But how do you achieve that life dream of pleasing your partner? What about focusing on the fore play instead of the wishes to go straight into sex  end up in failure because of early discharge, especially by the man? Have we ever consider the fact that anxiety during sex leads to early arrival by men. Let’s find out what can be done on achieving a fulfilling sex life!.. Ladies, make your man crave for you every second of the day!

Let your hands do the talking
Guys like to play rough, but surprisingly they are touchy between the sheets! Take advantage of the same and let your hands work its magic on him. Give him a sensuous massage, long nail strokes, surprise pinches all over his body to pique his pleasure.

The start–stop trick
His penis is by far not the only sensitive part of his body. The whole area from his upper thigh to lower belly reacts to your kisses and touches very intensely and the teasing proximity of your mouth will excite him but still allow him to hold back his climax. When he’s close to combusting ease off. “When his body tenses up, you know he’s right there,” says an expert. If you don’t want him to climax yet, move your focus to another lusty location till both of you surrender to extreme passion.

Naked truth
It all starts in your mind. If you feel sexy and comfortable with your body language will lure him in a second. You naked is probably the hottest gift you can give your man. Allow him to soak up the sight instead of killing the lights because you feel your belly’s not flat enough or your breasts are too small. “Men’s brain chemistry changes when they’re presented with a sexy image,” says an expert, “so flaunting your body will make his desire climb.”

Kept in the dark
Before he leaves for office in the morning, make sure to stick a silk scarf in his briefcase with a little note that says: “You’re going to need this later tonight.” You can be sure that’ll have a hard time focusing at work. 😉

Strip & tease
Push him down on the bed and straddle him! Put on some sensual music and move slowly to the beat while keeping constant eye contact to your man. Remove each single piece of your clothes separately and allow him “sneak previews“. When you finally get down to removing your panties, do it painfully slow so he feels the burn. “Once you’re naked, tease him by twisting your body over him in different directions, arching your back, and letting your breasts graze his face and chest,” says an expert.

Tongue tales
When you’are sipping your drink, use your tongue instead of your lips to cushion the edge of your glass. Just that little glimpse of the tip of your tongue will start his imagination. Don’t be surprised if he’ll ask for the bill instantly!

Let it rain
After a long day at work get him in the mood instantly by switching on the shower. The light of scented candles adds to the mood, the cold water running down on both of your bodies will steam up what’s there to follow.

Lap ‘dance’
How innocent it seems, sitting on his lap. He won’t suspect anything till you start to align your private parts with his, shifting your weight every now and then a bit. The reaction is sure to happen and might result in him not wanting you to get up ever again.

Ice, Ice, Baby
At a night out with your man and some friends, at a party or some other place where there are ice cubes at hand – suck on one of them prior to your pucker and see his surprised expression once you touch lips!

Naughty wispers
Going to the movies is already a nice start. To top it of, whisper ‘sweet nothings’ into his ears during the film. Your warm breath will tickle the nerve endings and get the rest of his body stirring.

Take the reigns
No slow slow heating up this time but full force right from the start. It turns him on to see you getting a little animalistic and make maximum pleasure your goal. He takes it as a sign of lust and an indication that you are as into it as he is.

Deep kisses
Forget about the sensitive well placed kisses but rough it up a bit. Tease him by tracing the outside of his lips with your tongue, gently tugging his bottom lip with your teeth, and lightly biting his tongue when it’s in your mouth. He’ll loose his mind soon enough.

Add a scent to it
Giving him a full body massage is one thing but it becomes even more sensual if you add aromatic flavoured massage oil to it. Slowly rub it on his body and let him do his share too. Then lick it off each other. It smells amazing and you looking all slicked up and shiny will get him going.

Thumbs up
Turn holding hands into something very inspiring. Pull all your fingers away and hold on to just his thumb for a few minutes. This grip will get him so thinking about your hand wrapped around his p Kitchen starters
Cooking itself is already a very sensual thing with all the spices involved. But if you happen to cook with him or for him, make sure to have an apron at hand that you can ask him to tie around your waist. Dessert suddenly becomes so uninteresting to him because in his mind he is all set and ready to untie it and undress you.ackage. Your walk might come to a soon end though as he’s heading home right away.

Getting closest
Give “getting closer” a new meaning and put your whole body into the act of making out. The more body parts involved, the more intense the experience. Cradle his face with one hand and grab his butt with the other while you simultaneously press your breasts and pelvis against him. But most importantly – don’t make it look like a choreography you’ve memorised but trust your gut feeling.

Leave him breathless
Start by letting your parted lips linger somewhere on his body, like his stomach or chest, then slowly exhale. “The rush of hot air will create a temperature change in his skin and heighten arousal,” says an expert.

Playing hard to get
While preparing dinner, watching TV or simply relaxing, drop some clear hints that you are in the mood. Let little gestures, intense kisses and stares do their magic – and then pretend nothing special has just happened. Make him work at seducing you and it will be a memorable experience.

BuildingRelationshipsHeaderDirty dancing
Forget about any steps or tricks. They are meant to show of on the dance floor. Reduce it to two bodies moving in sync to some very romantic track and take in the feeling of your heating up bodies being so close to each other.

Cool down
Make your A/C your accomplice and let it crank it way up, so you both get goose bumps. Now cuddle close to your hot man and take in each other’s body to each other.

Do it yourself
There are many excuses to touch yourself in front of him. Do it gently and enjoy the looks he’ll be shooting you will watching you rub in lotion, adjust your skirt or complain about a sore muscle as you caress your thigh. It’ll draw his eye to your body, and his brain will follow.

Less is more
It sounds like a lame line from a bad movie, but it still works. Treat yourself to some very naughty and exquisite looking babydoll negligee that conceals nothing. You won’t even reach the bedroom if you open the door in this.

Ignorance is bliss
Once you’ve gotten him to a combustible point, ignore him. It’s a guaranteed way to drive him out of his head and amplify his orgasm later. To send your guy into a similar frenzy, act out the suggestion of his favourite sex acts.

Private peep show
Slowly undress yourself but don’t allow him to touch you. Being reduced to watching only, his mind will run wild and the torture he’s enduring will spur him up even further. That anticipation is a powerful tool.

Leave your clothes on
Sounds weird, but this obstacle made of fabric can actually add to the fun big time. Just lower or move aside any articles of clothing that’s directly in the way and enjoy the rough edge to it.