Pastor Chijioke Delivers Women By Sucking Their Breasts

Pastor Chijioke of Breast and Honey Pentecostal Church.

Pastor Chijioke Carries Out Deliverance on Women By Sucking Their Breasts-Nigerian-born pastor Chijioke  has perfected his spiritual calling by devising a means of delivering women from their spiritual challenges. He revealed on air how he got his anointment delivering women through sucking of their breast.

According to Pastor Chijioke of Breast and Honey Harvest Pentecostal Church, troubled women who wants deliverance come to his Church bare-breasted, wearing only their dress without a bra. Then on arrival the rest of the deliverance is taken on by the Pastor
He said during the live interview: “The spirit lies in the breast of a lady… the more you suck the breast the more you get the fulfilling of the Lord,”

The audio video has gone viral and it is not yet known if authorities in Kenya are aware of the demon possessed Pastor. The audio recording will startle even the most steel being as on-air personality, Joyce Vobis of 99.0 FM Hero Radio, a station in Nakuru, Kenya, is heard on live in an interview on the Radio as both conversed in an interview.

Dubious Pastor raid women sucking their breast to exorcise
 Pastor Chijiokeraid women sucking their breast to exorcise

Unfortunately, pastor Chijioke was unaware that he was being recorded and when it dawned on him he uttered ‘Eewo’ an Ibo word that means How could this sort of thing happen.

The Radio presenter, Joyce told him that she had a perpetual problem of late marriage and that every time she starts dating, as the relationship gets on and things get more serious and marriage plans start being made, the men run away.

As she proceeds to ask for his advice and explained her situation, the Pastor pretends to enter into spirit claiming that she had the spirit of rejection and he has to suck it out from her breasts in order to get deliverance.

The Presenter who initially gave her name as Nancy after getting all her informations then revealed to him that she was a Radio presenter. Attthis point, the Pastor stammered and was lost in words.