President Jonathan speaks: Postponement is a sign of government's commitment to free and fair election.


Jonathan speaks to the nation
President Goodluck Jonathan has said that the recent election postponement serves as a pointer that the Nigerian Government has total commitment to a free an fair election, adding that INEC shifted the election dates to get its feet right in order to ensure a fair play in the elections.

He explained that a situation whereby collation papers were not available at the voting centres was not acceptable as transferring results from voting venues to collation centers could engender sabotage and dodgy deals. He said he wanted the results entered at voting venues than taking them to collation centers.

According to him, it is better to have every logistics in place than transferring many of INEC’s results to another venue for collations.

He told BBC’s correspondent Caroline Duffield, that he was pleased with INEC Chairman’s postponement action as it demonstrated the Federal government’s total commitment to openness and reinforcing the government’s held determination for a free and fair elections in the country.

He was responding to questions during an exclusive interview with the BBc reporter who had taken him on several issues agitating the mind of millions of Nigerians across the globe.

“If you follow us on the registration patterns, you will know that Nigerians are totally committed to ensure that the votes of the electorate matters”, he said.

President Jonathan pleaded with Nigerians to be patient as he himself is a victim of the postponement having travelled to his home state and had to cut his journey short because of the sudden postponement, pacifying thousands of Nigerians who had travel far distance for the cause of the election to regard the development as a huge sacrifice.

” We feel their pains as it is a sacrifice worth making towards ensuring a free and fair election” he pleaded.

He urged Nigerians to continue with the same zeal of interest urging them to go out on Saturday to vote to elect their choices of parliamentary, governorship and presidential candidates.

Speaking on the INEC chairman, President Jonathan expressed his full support for Attahiru Jega. He says he gives his full support for his actions as it is aimed at ensuring a free and far election.

” If my confidence is shaken, I would have taken action to tabled this before the national Asseembly to terminate his appointment”, he said.

On the importance of the election for the Nation and West Africa as a whole, the President said having celebrated 50 years of Independence recently, the nation wants to see a big leap and significant changes in the country and that this can only be achieved through the election of the right candidates during the election