Queenly unique and musically classic! Lubulubu songbird prepares to capture the world

Smooth Queen Debra, Combines culture, colour and uniqueness

“Love me or leave me. I am a true Nigerian”, so seems the message from Lubulubu icon, Queen Debra who is currently capturing many folk music minds across the country and beyond. She is  set to rule the world of Afro, highlife and African jazz in her own unique way rending her music brand in all Nigerian major languages. Her source of music remains more inexhaustible as she combines style with originality.

Queen Debra is a rare gem; a new breed musician who is ready to conquer the world through her uniquely evolved  folk tales music.

She has power, wits and originality that instantly grabs the mind especially as she touches more on the issues of the day, such that make millions of Nigerians across the world very much disturbed at heart; the continuous neglect of the common man  to it’s fate in today’s Nigeria.

She is a one among equal musician,  deciding to pick up where others are shedding off as she has taken up the challenges of reviving traditional folklore music such that has put many past music stars on the world stage of music. She combines originality with creativity, culture and uniqueness with colour. She has rekindled the interest of thousands who are been shifted away by the new generation R&B/ Hip Hop  singers, wooing them back to line with the loud message: “Be original and don’t be others  so you can sell yourself better to the world”.

Ride on babe as the sky is the limit. Her new number, Lubulubu, a folklore rendition is already a favourite to many facebook fans who have got a little taste of the culturally packed number and having a swell of a time on line.

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