Relationship: Five Dangerous Women You Should Avoid Dating


Bad womenRelationship: Five Dangerous Women You Should Avoid DatingPrevention they say is better than cure. We suggest to you  some of those trouble-inducing women that you must avoid if you want to stay out of trouble. Make sure you avoid them in order to retain your peace of mind and untainted personality and ego. We tell you why life must remain peaceful to live!

Your ex-girlfriend

It’s best not to revisit a past relationship if things did not end well. Primarily because, you two were incompatible and had some serious issues, which would still be a bone of contention, if you were to get together. It’s easy to fancy an ex in a moment of weakness, especially when you are lonely, and you may choose to forget the reason why you broke up and jump back in the relationship, only to regret it.

Your best friend’s sister

Avoid getting involved with your best bud’s sister. Not only will it destroy your friendship with your closest pal, if things don’t work out, you are also likely to be at risk of being punched in the face for hurting his little sister. Also, you can forget about crying on his shoulder when things are not going great between you and his sister, as there’s a direct conflict of interest here, and he may not always choose your side.

Women who are bad news

You know that dating her can be fun, but it will get you into a lot of trouble. Always remember it’s best to be safe than sorry. Do not give into temptation or you will rue your decision for the rest of your life.

The high-maintenance gold digger

Stay away from her, unless you want savings to be wiped clear like your bank account. Not only will she expect you to splurge on her every whim, but will also pick faults with you and blame you for spending too much time at the office, ignoring the fact that you are working hard so that you two can live a comfortable life. It won’t end there, her “good friends” will encourage her to take you to the cleaners when she wants to get out of the relationship, as she is tired of it.

Your friend’s ex

If you value your friendship with your best pal, avoid dating his ex. Word will go around your circle of friends and it will do no good for your reputation. Besides, it could strain your relationship, if he has not moved on and will make things awkward whenever all of you decide to socialise with common friends.