“Resign now before you are pushed out”, Reps member’s golden advice to Oil Minister Allison-Madueke

Dezianni Allison-Madueke

A member of the House of Representatives  Robinson Uwak (PDP, Akwa Ibom State), has  urged the Minister of Petroleum resources, Mrs Deizana Alison-Madueke to relinquish her post.

The call is coming after a member of the House made the submission as the reports of the Ad-Hoc committee on  subsidy was being submitted last Tuesday for adjustment. On the second day of the report submission, a member pushed forward the motion which was down played and never seconded.

However, speaking in Abuja, the lawmaker said the oil minister would be doing a more dignified exit if she resigns now before she is forced out as all Nigerians have been watching with consternation the extent of the damage done to the nations oil sector as she presided over it.

“Considering the fraud that occurred in the petroleum sector under her watch, as revealed by the recent house probe of the fuel subsidy, the honourable thing for her to do, would be to resign”, said Robinson Uwak.

He said he was not accusing the minister of corruption directly but that she would not exonerate herself from all the atrocities.

The House had resumed consideration of the fuel subsidy probe report on Wednesday, when Mr. Robinson Uwak, raised a point of order on privilege.

He drew the attention of the House to public opinion suggesting that lawmakers were ‘shielding’ Alison-Madueke from prosecution.

Uwak said, “the people of my constituency and Nigerians out there have been bombarding me with calls since yesterday (Tuesday).

“They have accused the House of shielding the minister. I hereby call for the resignation of the Minister of Petroleum Resources.”

Source: Channelstv