Revolution in Nigeria Police Force….as IG orders stoppage of all road blocks

New beginning: Police Acting Inspector General, Mohammadu Dikko Abubakar

Acting Inspector General Mohammad Dikko Abubakar  has ordered  the dismantling of all police roadblocks across the country.

He has also ordered the  immediate release of all detained persons in police cells without lawful jurisdiction across the country.

The acting police boss, insistent on making sweeping changes to the nation’s law enforcement body, has also ordered that individuals should not be detained for more  than 24 hour, unless otherwise dictated by higher authorities in the country.

Abubakar gave the new  directives as he chaired a high level meeting with senior police officers in charge of operations and criminal investigation department in Abuja, Federal Capital Territory.

The IG  further ordered the immediate disbandment of all squads, operational and investigative outfits across the country to pave way for a new beginning in one of the most corrupt forces in the world.

The changes  are part of first steps being taken by the acting IG to overhaul the seriously dented credibility of Nigerian Police, rated to be one of the most discredited, corrupt  and morally bankrupt in the world.

Abubakar was appointed to the acting position of Nigeria Police IG after the sudden sack of former police chief Hafiz Ringim in January on the ground of ineffective leadership and dangerous  porosity of nation’s security to terrorists and other dangerous underworld operators across the country.

His appointment  however has been met with reservations among Nigerians across the world as they watch from the side if the development would create a new era of transformation in the way the nation is policed.

Extrajudicial killings have been rampant in Nigeria, as the nation remains a big joke with porous security making her a world laughing stock.

Among other inadequacies, Police officers in the country are known to set up roadblocks, where many Nigerians claim the officers go ahead to extort petty bribes.

From contemptuous robbery activities by armed robbers to recent emergence of terrorist groups and kidnapping of innocent citizens, Nigeria Police has got nothing credible of note except existing as normal government apparatus of shielding serving government officials.

There has been flagrant extortion of money from motorists and exploitation of the citizens with criminal matters, using such situation to enrich many Police force members.

Bribery and extortion....A terrible cancer worm that has eaten deep into Nigeria Police mental gabric

Coercive actions and blackmail activities against helpless Nigerians to extort money to enrich all cadres of the force  has been so endemic as the nation gets engaged in a waiting game as to when a new era would herald  for a better direction in Nigeria’s national policing.

Also of much worries are the illegal turning of the force to security apparatus for the elite, especially government officials who use the force as personal security machine.

There has been so much loss of confidence that communities across the nation resort to local policing through the use of vigilante groups finding all means for their social security.

Worse still, there have been serious questioning of the mode of operations of the Police in recent months with the illegal killing of innocent citizens. by men of the Nigerian Police, especially on ground of petty excuses.

Just last weekend,  violence erupted in the industrious  city of  Onitsha in Anambra state, where a police officer allegedly shot and killed a bus driver who drove past a checkpoint, after refusing to hand over N50 bribe. Such is the malady that has permeated through the rank and file of the force, bringing  disgrace to the nation in the face of the international community

Nigeria Police holds of the worse human right records in the world, dictating summary judgement and disseminating justice at will by killing for joy.

Last weekend  murder in Onitsha was the latest in a series of police killings at similar checkpoints around the country, underscoring the spread of corruption in law enforcement.

Now as the new IG , apparently touched by the gruesome image Nigeria police  catch across the world, he is desperate for a change.

Nigeria Police logo

Just as he was appointed, many across the country had expressed reservations due to an alleged link to lack of enough zeal to conquer religious riots and terrorism in the northern part of  Nigeria.

Abubakar, however  promising  Nigerians of a new era of service to the nation may have commenced a major re -organisation,  proving his critics wrong about a so called stinking past.

Addressing senior Police officers at the IG’s conference room after the handing over ceremony in his office, the new IG promised to work with the DIG Parry Osayande Committee set up by the President “so that Nigeria can have the Police force it deserves, a police force that will respect the rule of law, that will be committed, and fair in the discharge of its responsibilities”.

His words: “I want to assure all Nigerians that this administration under my leadership will be different from all other Police administrations. I will be a team player because I can’t do it all alone. There is no Commander without troops. We have done it in other places, we demonstrated it and we are going to demonstrate it here. But take note, the police will undergo serious restructuring.

Now, the IG may have commenced his strategy to give the new restructuring as Nigeria public awaits a good turnaround for the better, so that Nigerians can restore confidence in it and the  police service once again   can match any other formation around the world.

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