Rift over Whitney Houston’s final resting place as family members disagree.


Here, Whitney sings during  a service at Newark Church at the age of ten just before she was discovered

A major rift which has brewed over the final resting place for the departed pop singer, Whitney Houston appears to have been put in control.

The rift had brewed within Whitney Houston’s family over where she should be laid to rest finally according to TMZ Celebrity Magazine.

Family sources told the Magazine that Dionne Warwick, Whitney’s cousin, and Cissy Houston, Whitney’s mom, both want the burial to take place in Atlanta, because the city remained dear to Whitney’s heart and it was where Whitney enjoyed her life the most and where she had the fondest memories.

Whitney: Gone forever.. but her music and excellent aura live for ever


However, the rest of the family wanted Whitney buried in Newark, her root place where she was born, and where she was subsequently discovered as a Church choir member at a local Baptist church. The discovery of her unique talent in the Church catapulted her to stardom and made her one of world’s pop greats of all time.

Whitney’s mum, Cissy’s position is succinct, drawing a parallel with departed Michael Jackson: “Michael Jackson did not want to be buried in New Jersey, and Whitney did not want to be buried in New Jersey.”

We’re told Cissy and Dionne caved, after other family members convinced them New Jersey is where the world will remember her most and where good memories could be drawn for the future.

It’s unclear why they think the world will remember Whitney more in Newark than ATL.
Meanwhile, Whitney Houston’s body will be transported to the East Coast Tuesday on Tyler Perry’s private jet, according to TMZ has learned.

Sources tell TMZ, Tyler Perry rushed to the Beverly Hilton hotel Saturday as soon as he heard about Whitney’s death — and immediately offered up his private plane to the family.

We’re told Whitney’s funeral is taking place somewhere in New Jersey later this week.

Dionne, outing for the first time since Whit's death

Meanwhile, Dionne Warwick, Whitney’s cousin was in public glare  for the first time since  her death on Saturday. A visibly distraught Dionne Warwick emerged from her L.A. home on Monday as she was photographed .

TMZ reported that  Dionne was one of the last people to speak to Whitney after having called her several hours before she died.

Whitney’s body is on its way to the East Coast on Tyler Perry’s jet with a funeral scheduled in New Jersey later this week.

President Barack Obama however has been reported as having sent his condolence to the family and expressing  concerned about Whitney Houston‘s daughter Bobbi Kristina after her recent hospital scare.

A source at the White House revealed that the President has been in deep prayer for 18year-old  Bobbi ever since learning she was hospitalised.
Press Secretary Jay Carney  released a statement — claiming Obama’s thoughts and prayers had been  with Whitney Houston’s family, especially her daughter.
Bobbi was taken to the hospital Saturday night and again on Sunday apparently  “hysterical and , exhausted after her mum’s death and had ben reportedly inconsolable”.  She was reportedly irritated after she was denied entrance to the room where her mum’s body was laying in the hotel Saturday evening.

Bobbi on the stretcher
Bobbi  was  rushed to Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles following her waning health and  was seen taken out of the Beverly Hilton on a stretcher It’s the same hotel where Whitney was found dead.

Story and Pix: TMZ