Romance Rivalry- Are you okay with your guy having girl-friends?


buildingRomance Rivalry- Are you okay with your guy having girl-friends?-We all dread competition in our marital matters. Even ordinary relationships with no life commitment attached dread  challenges if it knocks from both sides. Is selfishness, right of ownership or share threat to our pride a natural thing?  With women always accused of rabble rousing in quest for the protection of what belongs to them, it has always been a no win game for the eves accused of not taking-in rivals.
When it comes to a guy being close friends with the opposite sex, things can get edgy because of an internal struggle where logic and emotions are at loggerheads. While your brain says it’s perfectly okay, your emotions hint otherwise. In the battle of supremacy over mind v/s your heart, it’s hard to say which one will win and that can determine the outcome of your relationship. So, how do you ensure that this situation does not spoil things for you?.. TOI lifestyle offers this advice:

Get your facts right
You need to know what kind of relationship your guy has with his female friends. Never assume anything, as it can lead to a lot of misunderstandings and heartache.

Don’t accuse him of anything
Find out if your guy was involved with his female friends at some point and ask yourself if that is acceptable to you or does it make you uneasy? Does he have that one female friend that he seems to be a little too friendly with? Avoid accusing him of anything unless you have proof. If you do stumble on something don’t let that undermine your relationship. Everyone has a past, and you need to respect that.

Talk about your concerns
Let him know that his past makes you uneasy. At the same time reassure him of your love and your trust. Explain how you feel, you may not even have to ask him to stop seeing her, he himself may decide to tone things down.

Avoid hysterics and emotional blackmail
Don’t impose a blanket ban or issue ultimatums where he has to choose between the two of you. It’s unreasonable and unfair to demand that of your guy. If he has given you no reason to suspect or distrust him, don’t create problems for yourself.

Make an attempt to get to know his friends
Instead of preventing him from seeing his friends, try and get to know them better. Be yourself, have fun and they will like hanging out with you, but at the same time don’t include yourself in every plan they make. Give them the choice to invite you rather than tag along uninvited.