Romance shocker of the decade: D’banj, Genevieve Nnanji engaging?

Genevieve Nnaji
Genivieve Nnaji

Adjust your seat folks and enjoy one of the most sizzling romance gist  of the decade.

It is authentic; Dapo Daniel Oyenbanjo (a.k.a D’jang) is in hot romance with Nollywood sensation,  Genevieve Nnaji.

If what we are hearing is something to go by, marriage could be on the romance train  for the two hot entertainers who have made big marks on their respective fields of endeavour.

According to reliable sources,  they are deeply in love and the  love  stricken  duo have decided to blow their encounter into the open before the Press makes a hit  out of their  escapades.

The breaking news is one of the biggest  to hit the entertainment scene this year and  and it is set to rock the industry against the background of Genevieve  having been rumoured to have engaged.

A  source has  revealed  that the two have been meeting on the down low for sometime now but unfortunately some eagle-eyed journalists got hold of their cat and mouse cavort  with the Press and decided to blow the story to the world.
It was then that D’banj decided that rather than being ‘blackmailed’ he would come out with the news.

He granted an interview to gist merchant, the effervescent Stella Dimoko-Korkus of Stella’s Groove.

Love struck D'banj

Find bellow some excerpts.
SDK: So you are in a relationship with her and you used her for the shooting of the video of ”fall in love”.you must have been looking at her whilst you were singing. were you really telling her your feelings?were you just singing or talking to her? D’Banj: ….I am in love with Genevieve, its been long I felt this way about anyone. I don’t know what other words to use to qualify my feelings but when you see the video, you will know that its not just a video,it was me talking to my girl for real.
SDK-D’banj you have been reportedly spotted with a lot of ladies, you have supposedly dated high profile celebrities, they say you are into sexual orgies, you like to have sex before you go on staget to perform and after .Why have you chosen to step out with Genevieve Nnaji officially as a couple?

D’Banj: …None of them have has been true, like you said ”rumoured” but it is Genevieve and this is the first time because this is the truth.

SDK-So what is this? A marriage headed relationship?

D’Banj….Oh well, like I just told you now, Genevieve is my girlfriend, infact I dont like using that word, shes my baby, she’s my everything and I love her. We are both very mature people and we are also very private people. There’s a big difference between our public lives and our private lives. We would like to take it one step at a time right now and would appreciate it if people will respect our need for privacy at this time.

SDK: -Need for privacy? D’banj when the news of this relationship hits the streets, I am sure you both know what will happen next. there will be talk everywhere, stories about whom you both have been with, the press will do a re-run on you both in every way they can. my question is, are you both ready for this?

breathes deeply)well, what can I say? Like I said Genevieve is the biggest african star that i know and i am also in the public eyes so it is to be expected but i personally do not care about any news that wants to come out, like i am telling you,i have been rumoured to have dated people i have never even met before .

For once, I am very proud of whom i am with, when i met Genevieve i knew what i wanted and i went after what i wanted and i am still with what i want, and she’s the one i want, they can say anything they like. people know me as an entertainer and i will do what i do on stage and off stage i live a private life, people think they know me, they say all sorts but no one really knows anything about who i am and i like it that way.

Right now, the only woman in my life is Genevieve and she knows that. we don’t know about tomorrow so we are taking one day at a time, right now we want to be together and we don’t want to hide it anymore. I want to be able to take her out, walk into anywhere with her and not have to hide, we are both single so we are not committing any crime.

Hmm…what say we? Certainly sounds like a man in love doesn’t he? So what do you think? A match made in entertainment heaven or a publicity stunt? As they say, ‘morning will show the day’…lets wait and see. Meanwhile congrats to the two love birds!


  1. hmmmmm am impressed, the first of a kind, celebrity couple. to be honest, I think it will work if they can keep their head down…..

    she is very pretty and he is just a London boy dat carry himself well….not good looking but a good singer…..

    I wish them goodluck……