Rwanda Sports Minister resigns after romance escapades were exposed

Minister is top of romance sport

Rwanda’s Minister of  Sports and Culture, Joseph Habineza proved he is top of romance champions and libido stamina game when he demonstrated his feat during a social party grabbing the buttock of pretty girls, kissing them without restrictions and fondling with their breast.

The scene was a far cry from his major official duty as sports Minister with a varieties of responsibilities including cultural development and Sports affairs coordination and  tournaments’ organisation for the entire country.

He was caught frolicking and smooching with young girls during a party function, a revelation that has stunned the entire  Rwanda citizens.

The Minister  has been forced to resign after photos of his escapades were circulated on the internet over the last few days. He was so infatuated with young women he got carried away by the girls’ sex prank -play.

A statement from the presidential office in Kigali said Rwandan President Paul Kagame has already accepted Habineza’s resignation. “This proposal (to resign) was approved based on the article 150 of the Constitution of Rwanda,” an official source said.

“I have decided to resign without any attempt of defending myself,” the former minister told reporters earlier on Wednesday.

Habineza realized that some of his pictures taken during a party showed he was with young ladies, kissing and dancing with them in a house of Kigali City.

Some of the pictures circulating:


The minister! All works without play…turning a jelly- fish…

Joseph Habineza, is a champion g -keeper  with moving fingers

Minister of to-to grabbing, and fondling extraordinary

A stylish kisser, dazzler and passionate keeper on the g-mouth

Own goal bound!Joseph Habineza is a champion grabber!