Sadness and joy meets Nigerian woman as she gives birth to quintupulets

Bimbo and children

A Nigerian woman is facing a major immigration nightmares after she had  given birth to five new born babies.

Abimbola Ayelabola now faces the dilemma of two extreme sides of life… struggling to cope with her five new born babies and secondly, wrestling with immigration authorities to afford her the opportunity to get her resident permit in the United Kingdom, so that she can guarantee a better life.

However, her blessing had met with a high level of resentment and criticism which in fact may expose Nigeria as uncaring for her citizens in the middle of the plenty.

Now, the   United Nation’s and many  Human right activists may take on Nigeria government, questioning its  credibility in showing care for the nation’s citizens.

Many top critics have lambasted  Bimbo as an opportunist who wanted to exploit the relaxed medical care in the United Kingdom. Yet the Nigerian government looks on disgracefully as if Bimbo and the five children are of no concern to the nation called Nigeria.

Bimbo and her five children now face the prospect of a deportation  as the war of words rages on as in whether or not to afford her the opportunity of gaining resident papers in the United Kingdom.

Mrs Ayelobola, 33, was granted a six-month visa in December to visit her relations in London but gave birth to three girls and two boys at Homerton Hospital, in April.

She is now seeking for a six-month extension of her visa because she considers her quintuplets too frail to travel.

Mrs Ayelobola told journalists that she took fertility drug ‘Clomid’ in 2010 in Lagos and when she discovered she was pregnant in November, she applied for a visa to visit her sisters in London.

“I had already had miscarriages and couldn’t bear the stress another pregnancy will cause.

“I decided to visit my family in London; I thought I would stand a better chance of avoiding another miscarriage in a calmer place with friends and family,” she said.

She further said she wanted to remain in the UK so that she and the children would continue to get the support of her relations.

Meanwhile, hospital sources told the Europe correspondent of the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in London that the babies were delivered after “a complex” caesarean section.

For how long will Nigerian citizens be made to face this type of international embarrassment when the nation owes the citizens a responsibility of care?

As Bimbo faces an uncertain future with her hard-earned babies, will President  Goodluck Jonathan once again show himself as a caring leader by recognising Bimbo and her babies and providing succour for them? Here is  wishing her good luck and happy mothering.

Can somebody please alert the Nigerian government that it owed Bimbo and her babies a duty of care and not abandonment and denial with which Nigerians across the world had been treated over the years?

Enough of Nigerians  being treated as  mere creatures and no as human beings by the government.It is the peak of international disgrace seen  Nigerians being kicked around like a football.

Jonathan must intervene to rescue Bimbo and her hard -earned babies