My game plans by Samson Siasia Nigeria Super Eagles new coach


After being named new Nigeria coach by the Nigeria Football Federation yesterday, Samson Siasia has said that his team will become more attack oriented.

The Nigerian team has been criticised for its conservative tactics that were very evident under former coach Shuaibu Amodu, who always preferred his team to play it safe rather than attack with zeal.

The team was only able to score three goals during the 2010 World Cup while conceding five under Swede Lars Lagerback.

“The manner of team you will see on the field of play will be offensive minded, free flowing football. There will be a difference,” Siasia was quoted by

“During my interview with the NFF Technical Committee, I told them my short and long term vision for the Super Eagles as well as the 2012 Africa Nations Cup”.

He made it clear that although he would not be carrying out a drastic overhaul of the team, there would certainly be changes.

“I told them that we have to look at the areas we have to inject new players.

“We don’t want to say we are going to ask all the old players to leave. But we have to look at the areas we think we have to inject new players.

“That would be when I watch their matches again and also go around scouting for other players that I think I have to put in there.”

Siasia will observe the team during their Iran friendly match on November 17, and says he will use the opportunity to assess the squad before he resumes work on December 1.

“We all know the nature of the team right now. The team is not in a very good shape. The next friendly we have on November 17 against Iran will help us assess the team we have right now” Siasia said.

Chris Green, a lawyer for the Nigerian football federation’s executive committee announced Thursday that Siasia had been selected to take over the Super Eagles. Siasia has previously served as coach for Nigeria’s under-20 team.

Green says a contract for Siasia will be completed in the coming days.

Nigeria’s national team has been rocked by corruption allegations and a poor World Cup performance this year. Nigeria fired coach Shaibu Amodu in February and later hired Swedish coach Lars Lagerback to take charge only about four months before the World Cup.